Maoists and Morons-What is the Difference?

सेप्टेम्बर 18, 2007 by

It has been a while since I last updated the site. I was too busy with work lately. However, I could not resist writing today after reading the news about Maoists resigning from the government. Sure, they did not deserve to be ministers after killing thousands of innocent people but the way this was designed, it sends us a step further back from the peace process.

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Why Nepal is a Third World Country

जुलाई 7, 2007 by

Just a picture from explains the whole story. If people continue to be on the streets when they are supposed to work, study etc. Nepal will never see the light of prosperity. It is a shame that these people have never realized the importance of time. Also to blame are the cunning leaders who have been exploiting these people.

Maoist affiliated Young Communist League activists take out a protest rally against King Gyanendra’s birthday in the capital on Saturday. Amidst criticism from various sides, a special ceremony was organized at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace to mark the diamond jubilee celebration of the king. (Photo: Shruti Shrestha )

Credits go to eKantipur and Shruti Shrestha.

You Can Only Take a Horse to a River-You Cannot Make it Drink!!!

मे 18, 2007 by

This perfectly suits the newly weds in the cabinet in Nepal. People who never have had responsible public portfolios in the past are ruling the country. The country is going down the line every day. Socialist policies which were long dead for the world are taking over the market economy in Nepal. Maoists are on the road to ruin the future of millions of Nepalese for the sake of their political goals. A fresh example-Melamchi Project.

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SAVE a Dollar a Week-Educate a Child in Nepal

मे 5, 2007 by

children These children are just like us, only that they have been deprived of the basic right to education. SEBS-NSP is a program run by the Ex-Budhanilkantha School which has been helping these unfortunate children for a long time and it would be great if some of you are willing to give it a hand.

Just save a dollar a week and you will end up sponsoring a child for a year. Cut back on the drinks in the bar you go to, and let the child benefit from the opportunity of going to school, which would not materialize otherwise.Here is a quote from the NSP website.


Here is a reason why you should help…

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अप्रील 30, 2007 by


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Madhesi Movement: Apple Gone Sour

मार्च 10, 2007 by

While it is true that many people from the Terai region have been discriminated for long, I do not see the present spell of “bandhs” to be the justifiable actions. It is one thing to fight against the injustice and quite another to start another form of injustice by forcing thousands of people to close down the businesses. So, I think it is the time for everyone to come together and reconcile to work for a better Nepal.

What went wrong?

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Devyani in the Starlight Again

फ्रेवुअरी 23, 2007 by

Finally it has been decided!!!

Devyani is over with the palace incident and her deceased boyfried -then prince Dipendra. Now, she is prepared for a new life, a new beginning to the new world. Not that this guy she is getting married is a new one, but still, she is getting something new in her life-a formal marriage ceremony.

Aishwarya Singh had been linked with her marriage last year too. However, the marriage did not take place because of a couple of reasons including the hype created by the media.

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Nepalese Communists Still in the 20th Century

जनवरी 30, 2007 by

A news in Kantipuronline shocked me today. The Nepalese maoists (CPN-M)are moving to remove the private ownership of property and are in the process of converting the properties of their leaders to the party ownership. Is this a cheap propaganda before the constituent assembly election or do they really think this system works in the 21st century of global capitalism?

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Pictures from Nepal

जनवरी 24, 2007 by

Recently I had a visit to Nepal and I have a few shots that can be of interest to anyone who appreciates nature and its beauty. Enjoy…


Mt. Dhaulagiri


Kaligandaki River


Beautiful Sky and Clear Kaligandaki River


Chautari…where the workers take a rest.


Look at the cute baby-goat displaying its aggressive nature…


This is how the poor folks sustain their living in Nepal. A farmer ploughing his field.


Suspension bridge over Kaligandaki River. Most parts of Nepal do not have access to concrete roads and bridges and these bridges help connect people from the two sides of the river.

More to follow later…keep checking.

So-Called “King” Gyanendra Dethroned in Nepal!!!

डिसेम्बर 15, 2006 by

In yet another blow to the royalists in Nepal, the seven party alliance and the maoists in Nepal have literally kicked out king Gyanendra from the throne. He has been stripped off any powers he had possessed and is left disabled.

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