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Saddham Sentenced to Death-Further Tension in Iraq?

नोभेम्बर 6, 2006

What do you all think about this? I seriously feel that the Iraqi people have more torture and tormentation waiting in the future. Life is more insecure and more deaths of Iraqi people is all the more obvious. Is it just a election propoganda for Bush or does he really think this is going to bring peace in Iraq? Let’s hear some of the Iraqi people.

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Time for Free International Telephone Calls!!

अक्टोबर 10, 2006

I ain’t sure if this works as I have not tried yet but this site seems to offer free international calls. I have doubts if it is actually free as it claims but it is worth a try. If it really allows you to make free calls, why bother buy expensive cards?

This is what the site claims:
Simply call one of the domestic USA phone numbers from your home, office or mobile phone to be connected to our gateway. Once it answers, dial in the number you want to reach.


Nuclear North-East Asia: What Next?

अक्टोबर 9, 2006

We just read and saw the news on TV about nuclear North Korea. They did seem to have blasted a nuclear bomb, probably one at a smaller scale. So, what is up for us in the future? Is Japan going to remain a non-nuclear state or will it change its constitution? How about South Korea? How about Iran in the middle east?


The Great Divide: Dead Vs. Alive

अगस्ट 27, 2006

You can see the vulture waiting for the child to die so that it can take a bite for its own survival.

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Religion, Terrorism and USA

अगस्ट 21, 2006

It is all too easy for people unaware of history and international relations to label Islam as a religion of terrorists but the reality is quite different from the surfacial informaiton that floats around the media. American domination of the world is the sole reason millions of people around the world hate America. If there is a single country in the world which people abhor, it is America. Nevertheless, millions others are destined to America for financial reasons but from inside they still HATE America.


Foreign Words Banned in Iran

जुलाई 29, 2006

At a time when the world is more linked and inter-dependent than ever, Iranian President is trying to seclude Iran in terms of language usage. Now, officials in Iran aren’t allowed to use the words like “Pizzas” which have become too common in the general life. Reportedly, an agency which looks after the language issues is creating words to replace these so-called “foreign” words.

Imagine the same in Nepal. Tomorrow, some freaks advocating proper national language might force us to say “karna fus fus yantra” for phones, “sauchalaya” for toilet, “bidhyalaya” for schools, “kalam” for pen, and you cannot call “TV” as tv anymore. Is it justifiable? Are we to create weird names to save our so-called national language? Is it not to evolve over time by itself?


Al-Queda Leader Bombed to Death

जुन 9, 2006

The world is unsafe, and uncertain. Reasons for this? Among others, terrorists are largely responsible for the insecurity we all feel around this globe. It has not been long since these terrorists killed about a dozen Nepalese in Iraq. We were scared and angry at the same time. May be we were also into the world of terrorist's targets. However, a good news has come along the way. The leader of Al-Queda has been bombed to death in Iraq. May be we will see less of terrorists' crimes in the days to come.


Go To College Without High School Graduation!!!

मे 30, 2006

This news first seemed to me like those "O & A-levels" education ads. back in Nepal. Remember how those colleges used to accept people who failed SLC? A nice deal for both the schools as well as the students right? This is exactly what happened in USA too. Many students are able to join colleges without even getting a high school diploma.


One Nepali Killed, Seven Held Hostage

मे 29, 2006

It has been reported that one Nepali peacekeeper has been killed while seven others are being held hostage by the militias in Congo ahead of the upcoming elections. Reports say that the militias have been demanding $20,000 per person for the release of those Nepali soldiers.


Thousands Dead In Indonesia

मे 27, 2006

Malthus once said that if the world population exceeds its limit and if men cannot control their herd, natural disasters befall to take care of excess population. The same thing seems to have happened. Natural disasters have increased significantly in recent years in terms of  both, the numbers as well as magnitude. Tsunami killed thousands, Katrina destroyed billions of property, and the recent earthquake in Indonesia killed thousands of people. Lets not forget the earthquake in Kashmir.