Thousands Dead In Indonesia


Malthus once said that if the world population exceeds its limit and if men cannot control their herd, natural disasters befall to take care of excess population. The same thing seems to have happened. Natural disasters have increased significantly in recent years in terms of  both, the numbers as well as magnitude. Tsunami killed thousands, Katrina destroyed billions of property, and the recent earthquake in Indonesia killed thousands of people. Lets not forget the earthquake in Kashmir.

Do you have HIV/AIDS? We cannot treat it completely but we can prolong your life with the use of several medicines. Do you suffer from any other chronic diseases? We can sure find some medicines, if not we will soon find some drugs to deal with such illness. Are you hungry? And you don't have money to buy food? You can get humanitarian aid from other people. But, what do you do about natural disasters? Yes, we are helpless. Thousands died in the recent earthquake in Indonesia in front of our eyes and we could not do anything.

NY Times writes:

A powerful earthquake flattened homes and hotels in central Indonesia early Saturday as people slept, killing at least 2,900 and injuring thousands more in the nation's worst disaster since the 2004 tsunami.The magnitude-6.2 quake struck at 5:54 a.m. near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, 250 miles east of the capital, Jakarta. It was centered about six miles below the surface, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

This tragedy happened in the area which was prone to volcano eruption. Thus, the earthquake stimulated the volcano again. Times writes that thousands of people had already moved from the periphery of the volcano, saving the lives in equal numbers. It is a sad tale of our life. We have to live with all these torments.

Many countries have already responded to the disaster by offering a helping hand. NY Times writes that Malaysia offered a 56-member search team including doctors and supplies to help find people buried under the debris while EU commission is said to have offered a help of $3.8 million emergency aid. This is the time to help from all sides.

People are left with broken legs, lost eyesight, body with wounds everywhere and a long term psychological disorder. It requires a lot of heart and courage to overcome the stress and trauma of such a disaster. Are we offering a helping hand? Lets help these people get back to their normal life. We can do it.

(based on Today's NY Times


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