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Time for Free International Telephone Calls!!

अक्टोबर 10, 2006

I ain’t sure if this works as I have not tried yet but this site seems to offer free international calls. I have doubts if it is actually free as it claims but it is worth a try. If it really allows you to make free calls, why bother buy expensive cards?

This is what the site claims:
Simply call one of the domestic USA phone numbers from your home, office or mobile phone to be connected to our gateway. Once it answers, dial in the number you want to reach.



Nuclear North-East Asia: What Next?

अक्टोबर 9, 2006

We just read and saw the news on TV about nuclear North Korea. They did seem to have blasted a nuclear bomb, probably one at a smaller scale. So, what is up for us in the future? Is Japan going to remain a non-nuclear state or will it change its constitution? How about South Korea? How about Iran in the middle east?


The Immortal Man

जुन 4, 2006

Can you believe it? Is it the mystery which we all are trying to solve? Yes, it might well be possible for us to be immortal in the near future. Who would have imagined that we can get to the moon and study it back in Buddha's period? Birds have been hovering in the sky for ages. We dreamt it, and we succeeded. We have turned days into nights and nights to days. We have been able to convert oceans to landmass and lands to waterparks. So, what isn't possible? Tomorrow, we are going to be immortal.