Why Nepal is a Third World Country


Just a picture from eKantipur.com explains the whole story. If people continue to be on the streets when they are supposed to work, study etc. Nepal will never see the light of prosperity. It is a shame that these people have never realized the importance of time. Also to blame are the cunning leaders who have been exploiting these people.

Maoist affiliated Young Communist League activists take out a protest rally against King Gyanendra’s birthday in the capital on Saturday. Amidst criticism from various sides, a special ceremony was organized at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace to mark the diamond jubilee celebration of the king. (Photo: Shruti Shrestha )

Credits go to eKantipur and Shruti Shrestha.


9 Responses to “Why Nepal is a Third World Country”

  1. Global Voices Online » Nepal: Third World Country Says:

    […] Our Dream – a prosperous Nepal has a very brief post explaining why “Nepal is a third world country”. Share This […]

  2. Million Says:

    Sophist leaders aside, if we do not get rid of f***ingpseudointellectuals, Nepal will nver see light of prosperity.

  3. Matthew C Says:

    That makes a lot of sense.

  4. Paul Says:

    Try triadblog.info for a fresh slant.

  5. Paul Says:

    Try triadblog.info/blog for the fresh slant.

  6. Rita Says:

    because nepali leaders are always busy fighting for chair and public are uneducated and busy fighting for food and shelter. careful, you can be killed for money.

  7. Dhruba P. Lamichhane Says:

    If we have such kind of thinking and such kind of conscious people sure that day is near where many europeans and American will come to look Job in Nepal

  8. Arjun Says:

    People who don’t care about there country and who never respect their identity like royal symbol and the great ancient people that country never progress in the future. The best example is Nepal. Development is easy in Nepal it’s not a big task but obstacle in each and work by the people is the big problem. I think we are not grown up yet.

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