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Maoists and Morons-What is the Difference?

सेप्टेम्बर 18, 2007

It has been a while since I last updated the site. I was too busy with work lately. However, I could not resist writing today after reading the news about Maoists resigning from the government. Sure, they did not deserve to be ministers after killing thousands of innocent people but the way this was designed, it sends us a step further back from the peace process.



Why Nepal is a Third World Country

जुलाई 7, 2007

Just a picture from explains the whole story. If people continue to be on the streets when they are supposed to work, study etc. Nepal will never see the light of prosperity. It is a shame that these people have never realized the importance of time. Also to blame are the cunning leaders who have been exploiting these people.

Maoist affiliated Young Communist League activists take out a protest rally against King Gyanendra’s birthday in the capital on Saturday. Amidst criticism from various sides, a special ceremony was organized at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace to mark the diamond jubilee celebration of the king. (Photo: Shruti Shrestha )

Credits go to eKantipur and Shruti Shrestha.

Madhesi Movement: Apple Gone Sour

मार्च 10, 2007

While it is true that many people from the Terai region have been discriminated for long, I do not see the present spell of “bandhs” to be the justifiable actions. It is one thing to fight against the injustice and quite another to start another form of injustice by forcing thousands of people to close down the businesses. So, I think it is the time for everyone to come together and reconcile to work for a better Nepal.

What went wrong?


Nepalese Communists Still in the 20th Century

जनवरी 30, 2007

A news in Kantipuronline shocked me today. The Nepalese maoists (CPN-M)are moving to remove the private ownership of property and are in the process of converting the properties of their leaders to the party ownership. Is this a cheap propaganda before the constituent assembly election or do they really think this system works in the 21st century of global capitalism?


So-Called “King” Gyanendra Dethroned in Nepal!!!

डिसेम्बर 15, 2006

In yet another blow to the royalists in Nepal, the seven party alliance and the maoists in Nepal have literally kicked out king Gyanendra from the throne. He has been stripped off any powers he had possessed and is left disabled.


One Step Towards Sustainable Peace in Nepal

नोभेम्बर 30, 2006

Finally the two sides have come to a meeting point. Maoists and the Government of Nepal signed a peace document which outlines the future course of actions. Here is the excerpt from Kantipuronline.


In keeping with the letters to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General of 9 August and the Comprehensive Peace Accord of 21 November 2006;

Guaranteeing the fundamental right of the Nepali people to take part in the constituent assembly elections in a free and fair environment without fear;

Declaring the beginning of a new chapter of peaceful democratic interaction by ending the armed conflict taking place in the country since 1996, based on the Comprehensive Peace Accord between the two parties in order to accomplish, through the constituent assembly, certainty of sovereignty of the Nepali people, progressive political outlet, democratic restructuring of the state, and social-economic-cultural transformation; and,

Affirming the will to fully observe the terms of this bilateral agreement witnessed by the United Nations:

The parties agree to seek UN assistance in monitoring the management of the arms and armies of both sides by the deployment of qualified UN civilian personnel to monitor, according to international norms, the confinement of Maoist army combatants and their weapons within designated cantonment areas and monitor the Nepal Army (NA) to ensure that it remains in its barracks and its weapons are not used against any side.


Victory Over Autocracy!!!Nepal Turns Towards Republic

नोभेम्बर 8, 2006

Finally Nepal government signed a peace deal with the Maoist rebels. Hopefully, they will all be sincere in carrying out the peace deals in the days to come. People have great expectations and the politicians should live up to their expectations. Lets hope that Nepal will be a new prosperous society soon.


Does Gyanendra Deserve some Space?

अगस्ट 8, 2006

The Dog is Loyal to His Master Even at the Gun-point!!!

Dreams shattered, hopes marred and eyes blindfolded!!! This old, sick, shameless guy is again crushing our dreams.


Where is Gyanendra Hiding?

जुन 23, 2006

It has not been long since Gyanendra lost his power to the people but he seems to be completely out of this world. Nobody cares to talk about him let alone give respect to the so-called incarnation of God.How is he spending his days these days? Is it better than the confinement of Saddham? Of course, unlike Saddham, he is free from court interrogation as of now. So, what is Gyanendra doing these days?


Mob Rule Still Prevails: Can This Government Handle Violent Masses?

जुन 21, 2006

Democracy seems to have taken its ground but with it has come the anarchy in the country. Rule of law has not been respected in the country and most issues are being settled through violence in Nepal. The beating of Bharat Keshar Singh is just another example. According to Kantipur Online, hundreds of people flocked around Lainchaur and beat Bharat Keshar and torched his vehicle on fire reportedly for his mishandling of a motorcycle owner.