Maoists and Morons-What is the Difference?


It has been a while since I last updated the site. I was too busy with work lately. However, I could not resist writing today after reading the news about Maoists resigning from the government. Sure, they did not deserve to be ministers after killing thousands of innocent people but the way this was designed, it sends us a step further back from the peace process.

Ekantipur writes:

KATHMANDU, Sept 18 – Just four and a half months after joining the government, the CPN-Maoist has quit the government as talks held among the major parties at the Prime Minister’s Residence at Baluwatar Tuesday morning to convince the former rebels to stay in the interim administration ended inconclusively.

Ok, why was this for? Because no one listened to their demands. Hey, is Nepal a country where your wishes come true? Do you not have to consider the interests and choices of millions of other people? Why should Nepal give in to the demands of Maoists who are a minority anyway? Why should we compromise with the interests of millions of Nepalese to satisfy a couple thousands?

I remember my childhood days when I used to cry, cry and cry until I got what I wanted. Maoists are following the same path. They are crying for something that others don’t want to give in. If not, they have the option of threatening the other parties. I used to do the same. Whenever my parents did not give what I wanted, I used to say, “I am not going to school if you don’t give me what I have asked for.”

What a cry baby maoists have become. One day, they are talking in one line, the next day, they have completely changed the direction. They are the worst creatures on earth. They have no sense of direction. They have no sense of what the world is up for. They have no idea how much progress the world has made in the last 10 years while they were planning to bomb the infrastructures in Nepal.

Now, they are going to start their usual way of protests. Closing down shops, schools and so forth. When are these freaks going to realize that these activities are going to cost us millions of rupees? Do they even have a sense of how the basics of economics work? Got to admit, you have to be educated about the ideas of human civilization, its progress and prosperity, and not the obsolete doctrines of maoism.

True, they are morons!!! Nepal should act harsh on them now. Now is the time. They don’t have the right to compromise with the lives of millions of Nepalese. If they want, they can go for elections-I am sure they are not winning a single seat-if the elections are fair. However, I am not for giving in to these stupid bunch of psychos.


7 Responses to “Maoists and Morons-What is the Difference?”

  1. günne Says:

    think about your harsh judgement and open your eyes to the actual situation of your country. who has been on the government for the last centuries. sure, these weren’t maoist…you discuss their program, you can discuss armed struggle, but just blaming them blames you..

  2. Pirates and Emperors Says:

    You know what’s moronic? Loving a king in the 21st century. Feudalism and patriarchy are what underdevelop Nepal. Now the world knows Nepal has self-respect with the rise of the Maoists. The world is moving towards a socialism of the people and not the fear of greedy capitalists and pathetic “high” caste fascists.

    You day is over. It’s a new day in Nepal.

  3. Pirates and Emperors Says:

    “I am sure they are not winning a single seat”.

    Well, you are right about that: they one the elections and the Royalists didn’t win a single seat. Only by Maoist good grace were they even allowed into the Constituent assembly

  4. Cederash Says:

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