You Can Only Take a Horse to a River-You Cannot Make it Drink!!!


This perfectly suits the newly weds in the cabinet in Nepal. People who never have had responsible public portfolios in the past are ruling the country. The country is going down the line every day. Socialist policies which were long dead for the world are taking over the market economy in Nepal. Maoists are on the road to ruin the future of millions of Nepalese for the sake of their political goals. A fresh example-Melamchi Project.

Recent decision of Hisila Yami to review the Melamchi Project has sparked criticism from the donors like ADB. One of the main part of the ADB deal was that we give the contract to foreign companies. If we are to fail to honor the agreement, we surely are going to lose the Melamchi project one more time.

I knew Nepal would have a hard time convincing the world once the maoists were inducted in the government. However, I did not expect Hisila Yami to go this far as to kick out ADB from the project. Nepalnews quotes Hisila Yami, the minister for works and physical planning:

“We are neither against Melamchi nor against ADB. We only want to ensure public participation in water management.”

Ok!!!What is this supposed to mean? These socialist “bastards” are thwarting attempts at development projects as well. Can they not just shut their mouth and let the projects move on? They neither have resources, nor the knowledge to develop Nepal. Their traditional way of development has no place on earth. This is the age of global participation, not domestic monopoly. And, I know it very well, these people who have read century old literature from Marx and Mao will never understand the modern world. Result?

Yes, we will be pushed a couple of decades further down on the road to developed Nepal. When India will be the next superpower, we will still languish in poverty-thanks to these maoists. When China will overtake USA in terms of GDP, we will still be debating on whether Mr. A or Mr. B should head Tribhuvan University.

I do not want to be pessimistic, but we have to accept the reality. As long as these maoists don’t change, I do not see a prosperous Nepal.


6 Responses to “You Can Only Take a Horse to a River-You Cannot Make it Drink!!!”

  1. Nepali Akash Says:

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  2. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    An article of extremity that tends to flout the little enhanced picture of the Maoists. Hisila Yami made the right noises, because the ADB’s intentions were not clear from the start of this project. Then during the Royal rule we had two former Ministers Jailed for corruption relating to the Melamchi Water Project. Therefore, concerning this project it had a shaky start. And although not mentioned in the article Hisila Yami also made a perfect decision not to give the contract of water supplies to the Company Seven Trent. The records of this company has never been good and it is being supported by the ADB full fledged, the reason I fail to understand. But don’t you think this goes towards neocolonialism.

  3. dreamnepal Says:

    You are still supporting the maoists? For God’s sake, at least understand the reality. What good have they done in the country so far other than terrorizing the people? You might talk about the arrest of the couple of corrupts but hey, even that should be done in a legal way. I know its hard when everyone is corrupt but we cannot have a barbaric society. And, maoists are not the ones to make rules. Look at how much we just paid for their cadres. What have they done to Nepal to get a salary of 3000 per month? Total bull***t.
    This is a 21st century and we need to allow privatization to foster competition in all sectors possible. If maoists are willing to deny the contract, they should also be able to offer alternatives. Do they have funding? Do they have contractors? What about human resources?
    So, development is not a child’s game. There are several complications and issues which you have to bear with. And, as long as these people do not come out of the theoretical world,we will never see the face of development.

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  5. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    Reply to DreamNepal : I guess you got we totally wrong in this matter. I do not support the maoists, nor am I an infiltrator towards the peace reconstruction in Nepal. I would further like to clarify that now although still violent in their socio political activities the Maoists have joined the government and are a pivot to the Nepalese government. To this regard we should learn to appreciate their decisions for the developement of the nepalese society. Sevent Trent has never had a good marketing and services record and on this matter Minister Hisila Yami has taken a perfect decision and we should accept it readily.

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