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You Can Only Take a Horse to a River-You Cannot Make it Drink!!!

मे 18, 2007

This perfectly suits the newly weds in the cabinet in Nepal. People who never have had responsible public portfolios in the past are ruling the country. The country is going down the line every day. Socialist policies which were long dead for the world are taking over the market economy in Nepal. Maoists are on the road to ruin the future of millions of Nepalese for the sake of their political goals. A fresh example-Melamchi Project.



SAVE a Dollar a Week-Educate a Child in Nepal

मे 5, 2007

children These children are just like us, only that they have been deprived of the basic right to education. SEBS-NSP is a program run by the Ex-Budhanilkantha School which has been helping these unfortunate children for a long time and it would be great if some of you are willing to give it a hand.

Just save a dollar a week and you will end up sponsoring a child for a year. Cut back on the drinks in the bar you go to, and let the child benefit from the opportunity of going to school, which would not materialize otherwise.Here is a quote from the NSP website.


Here is a reason why you should help…


Devyani in the Starlight Again

फ्रेवुअरी 23, 2007

Finally it has been decided!!!

Devyani is over with the palace incident and her deceased boyfried -then prince Dipendra. Now, she is prepared for a new life, a new beginning to the new world. Not that this guy she is getting married is a new one, but still, she is getting something new in her life-a formal marriage ceremony.

Aishwarya Singh had been linked with her marriage last year too. However, the marriage did not take place because of a couple of reasons including the hype created by the media.


Delving Into the Life of a Child Conductor-Do We Have a Heart?

अक्टोबर 19, 2006

Streetchildren A ten-year-old child was there calling out to people to get into the bus. His clothes were tattered and torn everywhere and re-stitched in many other places. The yellow stains of spices and oil were clearly shining from his dark, muddy clothes which probably had not seen water for days. His bare feet were covered with dust and one could easily tell that he had not taken a shower for months. A four-foot tall, lean figure with sunken cheeks, he looked as if he was suffering from malnutrition. From his outer appearance he looked too weak to speak and yet, he was continuously uttering the same words,”Ratnapark, Ratnapark…..”


The Great Divide: Dead Vs. Alive

अगस्ट 27, 2006

You can see the vulture waiting for the child to die so that it can take a bite for its own survival.

(pic courtesy: Here)


Nepalese Women Strip to Please Indra!!!

अगस्ट 23, 2006

A funny and stupid thing to many western people but it still happens in the remote corners of Nepal. Some Nepalese women reportedly stripped themselves in the night and plowed the field to please the god of rain, Indra, in the Terai region of Nepal. The southern part of Nepal has been suffering from drought lately and the farmers are desperate for rain. Citing that every other attempt to please the rain-god failed, these women resorted to stripping themselves to please the rain-god.


Devyani Rana: Lost in the air? Not at all

अगस्ट 17, 2006

Devyani: The fantasy of Dipendra

Please visit Devyani Latest News for latest updates. Thanks.

Devyani had been lost in the woods for a while but the media did not spare her altogether. Her reported wedding ceremony has been thrown to ruin by the media reports regarding her association with the mysterious palace murder in Nepal about 5 years ago.


Jessica is Seriously Ill-Help Her

जुलाई 9, 2006

Jessica Yonzon, a graduate student of U of I at Urbana-Champaign, is seriously ill and is in dire need of financial and emotional support from you all. It has been the tradition of Nepalese people to help the fellow Nepalese when they run into problems. And, now is the time to show our committment towards our friends again.


Pratistha Found Alive and Well!!!

जुलाई 3, 2006

Finally the police have found her in the Estes mountain. After more than 10 days of active search, the Estes Park police had said that they had abandoned the search operation for Pratistha Budhathoki, a student from Nepal. The end of the search was attributed to the lack of any substantial findings in the past few days with regards to Pratistha’s missing from the Estes mountain. Now that she is found, we are waiting for details.

Pratistha’s Clothes Found!!!

जुन 30, 2006

Hopes fade away as more and more days go without any significant findings. Pratistha Budhathoki, an exchange student from Nepal, has been missing for more than 10 days now and still we have no clue as to what may have happened to her. Nepalese have had a bad year already with the death of more than half a dozen students in different accidents. Though the hopes are less, the search team has found her restaurant clothes: a sign of encouragement to the search team but yet far from anything substantial.