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Delving Into the Life of a Child Conductor-Do We Have a Heart?

अक्टोबर 19, 2006

Streetchildren A ten-year-old child was there calling out to people to get into the bus. His clothes were tattered and torn everywhere and re-stitched in many other places. The yellow stains of spices and oil were clearly shining from his dark, muddy clothes which probably had not seen water for days. His bare feet were covered with dust and one could easily tell that he had not taken a shower for months. A four-foot tall, lean figure with sunken cheeks, he looked as if he was suffering from malnutrition. From his outer appearance he looked too weak to speak and yet, he was continuously uttering the same words,”Ratnapark, Ratnapark…..”



Devyani Rana: Lost in the air? Not at all

अगस्ट 17, 2006

Devyani: The fantasy of Dipendra

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Devyani had been lost in the woods for a while but the media did not spare her altogether. Her reported wedding ceremony has been thrown to ruin by the media reports regarding her association with the mysterious palace murder in Nepal about 5 years ago.