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Locke’s Philosophy and its Relevance Today

मे 20, 2006

You are sitting there alone at your home when all of a sudden some security officials burst into your house and ask that you submit to them. You sit down in your backyards watching some unknown people crush down your house so that someone else could build a factory out there. Life in your neighbourhood was all good and healthy, happy and gay until the local government decided to dispose off the municipal waste near your neighbourhood. What can you do? What are your rights? Are you the slave of the government?



Against Socratic Communism-a Snapshot from History

मे 19, 2006

 Imagine the world of Socrates! Your wives are the common goods for all and so are your children. Socrates was one of those fools who believed that happiness comes when you can abstain yourself from worldly desires. A monk? Can you imagine having sex only in some periods of the year?Socrates' philosophy sucked real bad when it comes to human needs. He was one of those psychos who did not care for human needs. For Socrates, there was no need for a family.