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Nepalese Women Strip to Please Indra!!!

अगस्ट 23, 2006

A funny and stupid thing to many western people but it still happens in the remote corners of Nepal. Some Nepalese women reportedly stripped themselves in the night and plowed the field to please the god of rain, Indra, in the Terai region of Nepal. The southern part of Nepal has been suffering from drought lately and the farmers are desperate for rain. Citing that every other attempt to please the rain-god failed, these women resorted to stripping themselves to please the rain-god.



Top High Schools of Nepal I: Budhanilkantha School

अगस्ट 12, 2006

Go To College Without High School Graduation!!!

मे 30, 2006

This news first seemed to me like those "O & A-levels" education ads. back in Nepal. Remember how those colleges used to accept people who failed SLC? A nice deal for both the schools as well as the students right? This is exactly what happened in USA too. Many students are able to join colleges without even getting a high school diploma.