Top High Schools of Nepal I: Budhanilkantha School


86 Responses to “Top High Schools of Nepal I: Budhanilkantha School”

  1. vinod Says:

    Handwriting Improvement

    I would like to introduce my self as a handwriting professional who gives guarantee in improving handwriting with hours, irrespective of age. Traditional four line copy writing is not the permanent solution for improving handwriting because we imitate what is written at the top. Two persons can not have same handwriting because of the difference in pressure and speed which they exert while writing. Thousands of people enjoyed the result of this system. As per the system while writing we have to follow five basic principles. These principles are poured to the brain of the student by doing five simple exercises. Once it is stored in the brain ,automatically you will follow the system while writing, like driving ,swimming Etc. Along with this mail I am attaching some proofs written by my students. Please down load the files attached here. NO AGE BAR,NO COPY WRITING ,RESULT WITH IN HOURS.I can give my training wherever you want.Hand writing revels personality

    Any doubts any explanation required please mail me back

  2. vinod Says:


  3. Bishnu prasad neupane Says:

    I know the importance of handwriting .My son has a problem of handwriting so i want to give him some training.Are u available near Rehdon college in samakhusi-29?
    ok thanks alot for good information about good handwriting.

  4. syam Says:

    it sucks

  5. ram Says:

    it is a not at all a good school dont think of applying in it

  6. Rakesh Says:

    It is a cheap school with cheap standard.

  7. Bikal Ghimire Says:

    Ya Budhanilkantha School is the best further career for any student in my precious opinion

  8. 7th grader bnks product Says:

    i m 1 of the member of bnks and i know what actually is bnks
    yes studing in bnks is the utlization of ur life
    do not think that bnks is bad
    it is due to the students and teachers out there
    u can get ur self a brilliant sucsser or a failiure from there
    it really depends upon u ………what u want to be
    it doesnt suck either
    and u r cheap mr.rakesh
    dont dare to think bad for bnks

  9. nilgiriran student (Tenth grader) Says:

    Budhanilkantha is a model school which provides quality education to students coming from all over nepal. Ecxept for the studies, the school also provides all the students with various activites for their future career. Thus it leads the students to develop a high personality and a secured futre.

  10. Apratim Biswas Says:

    What is the exact location of this school? Is it far from Durbar Marg?

  11. asmita dhakal 338 Says:

    i like bnks!!!

  12. asmita dhakal 338 Says:

    i like bnks!!! it is the best.

  13. 378sailendrea Says:

    bnks rocks!!!!1

  14. anisha Says:

    middleclass school.I wont say that. It is a good school I hope for better future.

  15. Prashant69 Says:

    Bnks really is the best school in the world!!!@#$$%^^&

  16. Prashant69 Says:

    I love BNKS

  17. shiddarth84 Says:

    very good school

  18. shiddarth84 Says:

    the best school of nepal

  19. savre turbo Says:

    bnks in my soul

  20. savre turbo Says:

    bnks in my soul yes

  21. ram Says:

    its good once u get adjusted

  22. Yogi Says:

    I spent 10 years of my life in there.It was a nightmare.I still have few traumas from bnks experience.Dont get me wrong, I am successful now but never was happy and probably never will be.It was like living in a jail full of hissing serpents i.e. teachers

  23. saroj Says:

    bnks is best all over nepal

  24. hellz Says:

    Budhalinkantha down Gems is at the top

  25. hari Says:

    this school is very good in every one dreams.this school is a chakka

  26. 300'd'batch Says:

    anyone fron 300’d’ batch. dunt wanna disclose name ya. cus it’ll be bit nerd of me.. i m in choyu.. oo..

  27. kenneth green Says:

    I plan to visit Nepal in October 2009 and will visit the school at Kumjung. If possible I would like to make contact with them beforehand. Do you know of their address and whether they can receive e-mail or telephone. I would be grateful if you can help

  28. kshitiz14 Says:

    bnks rocks man…….dis is da best school in da whole world…..

  29. Raj Nepal Says:

    Namaste, I would lik to admission to my childrens in your school in class 8 and class five. Could you please provide me your total fee in all sectote soon.

  30. poojan shrestha Says:

    nice school man best school in the whole world

  31. shuvechha Says:

    freak…i love bnks! a dream come true man!

  32. skOolLover Says:

    i m incumplete widout bnks

  33. 068 a Says:

    the best school ever seen in the narayansthan,kathmandu,nepal,saarc,uno,world,solar system,milky way glaaxy,universe as a full address

  34. Ash Says:

    I would like to admit my children in Grade 1 but I have not idea where to admit. Anybody, who is the knowledge where is best to admit please suggest.

  35. Buy Salvia D Says:

    Neat ideas noted here and I enjoy your take on things. One thing I have seen is what we think about is exactly what we become. We create our own reality.

  36. pinkie Says:

    hi…it’s pinkie…m 18yrs old…studying in Budhanilkantha…it’s shame to say dat i have very bad handwriting….plzzzz..if u can help to improve my hadwriting…. thanking you…

  37. hemraj Says:

    I have heard the fame of Budhanilakantha but I want to know how to admit there ours children who are far from valley?

  38. maike Says:

    is it top school but not for poor people.there only chance for political family and children of them .

  39. himath Says:

    i wanna my brother admisson to be done in this school . can u tell me the deatails of fee structure of this school

  40. raunab Says:

    haha! probably KMC college is the best in Nepal. no matter what kind of students are KMC can turn the devils into angels. That’s their biggest power and strength. Watch out budanilkantha.

  41. karan kashyap Says:

    haa hhhaaa aajibo garib school

  42. rojita Says:

    i also think it is good school in order to gain d knowledge

  43. Tejendra Says:

    KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL is also one of the best Schools in Nepal. In 1970s there used to be few schools but with the change of time there have mushroomed up many international level school. i DONT UNDERESTIMATE OTHERS BUT KUHS, Kathmanddu University High School is da Best and upcoming school as well.

  44. saimon thapa 379 Says:


  45. saimon thapa 379 Says:

    i love this kid from year 7 called angela sherpa. HAHAH IM A RETARD

  46. deepa Says:

    bnks is the best school+ college that i’ve ever known no comparison can be made over all wid this school and i’m planning to do my further studies after s.l.c ….

  47. Liza Says:

    Yep u r right i think bnks is the 1 of the most popular and well known school and i’ve seen many good outcomes of this school…..n i’m also planning to study there after s.l.c

  48. 451 Vijay Says:

    I LOVE BNKS…and i really miss those days now that i spent in BNKS…

  49. 000 Says:

    bnks is the best option to any student…dont listen to the rubbish comments ppl give…bnks is d best choice to any one.

  50. adya Says:

    nnow m also studing in budhanilkantha school from 28th baisakh.i dont no what’ll happen to me there as i no bout it i’ll post it

  51. reewaj Says:

    its nt now BNKS which is the tope rated school of Nepal bcz in comparison with other colleges which has emerged and flourished its quality education in short peroid of time has challened BNKS………………n i thnk its now hard for BNKS TO ACCEPT THE CHHALENGE.

  52. shishi5139 Says:

    it is nice school

  53. Samartha Says:

    Cannot imagine studying in a “BUILDING”. Budhanilkantha is the best. Miss the moon, the rain and the grass> 🙂

  54. bad bitches Says:

    plz suggest me d bestes skul of nepal…………………..!

  55. Birendra shah Says:

    Budhanilkantha is a model school which provides quality education to students coming from all over nepal. Ecxept for the studies, the school also provides all the students with various activites for their future career. Thus it leads the students to develop a high personality and a secured futre. But admission to be in budhanilkantha school then It is to better.

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  57. Public of Nepal Says:

    St.Xavier’s located at Maitighar, Kathmandu is the best college in Nepal so far because of excellent students it chooses every year from the whole nation. Students in St.Xavier’s are really hardworking but teachers aren’t.

  58. Michelle iPad Ines Says:

    Michelle iPad Ines…

    […]Top High Schools of Nepal I: Budhanilkantha School « Our Dream- a Prosperous Nepal[…]…

  59. Prashant Says:

    Our school GBS is on top

  60. mikma Says:

    I’m also interest to admit my child in this school how about us

  61. Ritesh Says:

    I wont forget the Teachers of BNKs They will remain in my heart till my last breath. today I am a successful person only because of the teachers , Really some teachers like Timila Acharya Maam, who used to be really our teacher cum guardian ( More than our own Parents). The Government should award her for her contribution, art ofteaching and taking care of her students……. Timila Maaam really you are GREAT>>>>>>>>>>>>

  62. safig Says:

    bad school
    bad teacher

  63. safig Says:

    M.V.A is in top
    M.V.A is best

  64. safig Says:

    East or West
    M.V.A is best

  65. aayush kayastha Says:

    East or West
    M.V.A is best

  66. aayush kayastha Says:

    bad school
    bad teacher

  67. aayush kayastha Says:

    M.V.A is in top
    M.V.A is best

  68. Bikash Says:

    BNKS is the best school of Nepal.

  69. rajesh Says:

    really BNKS is one of the best schhol in nepal.

  70. pramisha chudal Says:

    sagarmatha is the best….

  71. Download Fifa 15 Says:

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  72. miss_limbu Says:

    Honestly, i went to small school in dharan and ended up with very poor slc grades. Now 10 years fast forward, I am writing a dissertation and about to graduate as a mental health nurse.

    well! i really believe that it is the motivation and determination from within the children to study rather than a fancy school. I would prefer a school, where i would be allowed to express myself and develop more on interpersonal skills and not too harsh on studies. what i studied as a subject back in school, i cannot even remember and my school made me memories everything and anything which does not even make sense now apart from basic maths and English.

    In my work place , no one really cares what grades did I get at school. I just need to do my job, justify my action, work within the law and policy and maintain good interpersonal skills.

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