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World Cup-Team of the Tournament!

जुन 29, 2006

We have been watching the games all along and now we do have a sense about the quality of the players. So, here I come with the best 11 players in this world cup from among the teams that have made it to the quarterfinals. The players are chosen using various sources including BBC, ESPNsoccernet and of course using my own discretion.



Sacrifice for the World Cup!!!

जुन 28, 2006

There is this guy who gets up early in the morning, takes shower and goes for a light breakfast. He actually takes the breakfast plate to the living room itself, turn the TV on and there it goes…world cup soccer 2006, Germany. It is about time the match started and he would not want to miss the initial commentary either. The game kicks off and his nerves roll apart. He feels the soccer. You can see it in his eyes…”Yooo…do it guys!….Damit, how can he miss such a chance?…” he continues to ramble alone.


World Cup Review: Ronaldo Disappointed Everyone!!!

जुन 19, 2006

The star has fallen to the grounds. His performance has been negligible, if not disturbing to his teammates. Brazilian coach gave him enough chances and now is the time to choose alternatives. Fat guy has brought nothing but shame to the Brazilian team.


Soccer World Cup Fever Rocks the World

मे 29, 2006

I can't believe four years passed by since Brazil kissed the cup back in 2002. Speculations have been made all around the globe with millions of people anxiously waiting for the world cup to kick off. So, who will win this world cup?Brazil? England? Germany? France? Hmm…well predictions are difficult in soccer. Anything can happen. Soccer isn't just about playing a good game, it is also about scoring goals. This means luck also should favor a country if it is to kiss the most revered trophy in the world, World Cup Soccer Trophy. So, who do you think will win this year?


Mt.Everest Kills a Man-Personal Accomplishment Vs. A Humane Side

मे 28, 2006

Many a times people have to fight between personal achievements and a sympathetic heart. Whether to help others or to further self-interest, human mind has always been confused. Some people tend to help others leaving aside their personal gains while others tend to take advantage of such situations to earn what they truly deserve. The fate of David Sharp was decided by the latter. He was left to die in despair while dozen others passed by to conquer the Everest. This sad tale of a climber shows us a new side to our moral standards.


Getting Naked on the Top of Everest!!!

मे 27, 2006

A sherpa who reportedly fought to the top of Everest has been blamed for stripping on the top of Everest. It has been reported that a Sherpa Nepali guide named Lakpa Tharke remained naked for 3 minutes in the freezing conditions on the top of Everest, the top of the world.


Nepalese National Becomes US National Team Coach

मे 19, 2006

Nepali Taekwondo "Master" Narayan Gurung has been able to grab the coach position again. US Taekwondo national team will now be led by Narayan Gurung to the World University Taekwondo Championship which is being held in Valencia from May 16-20. This is the second time that Gurung has been selected to be the coach after being selected back in 2003.


Italian Soccer Scandal

मे 16, 2006

One of the soccer giants,Italy, has been gripped by the recent news about match-fixing scandal. For long, there have been rumors about refrees being biased in the Serie-A leagues. Juventus, which won the league title, has been accused of influencing refree appointments by talking to the Italian football federation. Luciano Moggi, the manager of Juventus has resigned amidst the media outburst about the scandal.