Italian Soccer Scandal


One of the soccer giants,Italy, has been gripped by the recent news about match-fixing scandal. For long, there have been rumors about refrees being biased in the Serie-A leagues. Juventus, which won the league title, has been accused of influencing refree appointments by talking to the Italian football federation. Luciano Moggi, the manager of Juventus has resigned amidst the media outburst about the scandal.

AC Milan, which finished 3 points behind Juventus, has demanded that they be awarded the title as Juventus has been alleged with scandals and unfair practice.It has been reported that if Juventus is in fact found guilty of these charges, it will be deprived of the two titles it won and will be demoted to Serie B. This could be a huge blow to Juventus. It has already seen its stock value plunge down.

This news has another dimension to it. Is it just in Italy that such practice has happened? We need some real good investigation into other leagues like Spanish League, English Premiership and so forth. We never know these things until a piece of evidence props up in some media.

This news is in fact saddening. The practice of soccer has become more like a drama owing to the manipulation of some losers like Moggi. They are the sick people who have defamed the true sportmanship and soccer spirit. He should be dealt with severely so that anyone who ponders such things in the future is scared to practice such low standards. Moreover, strict rules should be established.

(based on BBC sports news,for more visit:


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