Sacrifice for the World Cup!!!


There is this guy who gets up early in the morning, takes shower and goes for a light breakfast. He actually takes the breakfast plate to the living room itself, turn the TV on and there it goes…world cup soccer 2006, Germany. It is about time the match started and he would not want to miss the initial commentary either. The game kicks off and his nerves roll apart. He feels the soccer. You can see it in his eyes…”Yooo…do it guys!….Damit, how can he miss such a chance?…” he continues to ramble alone.

The game continues without any goals. Cards start to show up..his impatience grows more than ever. He is infuriated by the yellow card his favourite Zidane gets. He felt ditched when Ronaldo misses the goal he should have scored. He shouts out loud when finally Klose heads the ball inside the net…”Goal..This is what I was looking for..” he continues.

Slowly the clock moves on. Every second his eyes are strained by the constant radiation. But the game would not end. There is a tie. “Wow..I’m going to witness the first penalty kicks today…” he imagines. And then to his surprise, refree awards a penalty at the last minute. He is disturbed. He cannot imagine the world of soccer anymore. The whole 90-minutes of fight has ended without any joy. He is sad-his team lost.

But, this would not stop him from watching other games. He has his second favourite team anyway. So, the games continue and his summer is spent watching soccer. Not only true for me, but for most of us. We spend so much of our time in soccer. But what are we getting back in return? The costs are too high and we don’t even realize them.
Assuming the a person watched all the 64 games of the world cup, he would approximately spend about 100 hours in front of the TV. In addition people spend some time in the net, debating or just watching other people’s views, rating players or criticizing the biased news of soccernet. Assume that a person spends 1 hour every day on the net doing something related to soccer. So, he would spend around another 30 hours of his precious life. Now, what is the cost of this?

If you are a student in USA earning about 8 dollars per hour, you are in fact giving up about $1040 to watch the soccer. If you are a nursing professonal earning about 40 dollars per hour, you would end up having $5200 less in your pockets as a result of your time spent on watching soccer. If you are a professonal somewhere earning as high as $100/hour, you are in fact losing about $13000 because of this world cup. Now forget about those people who are watching soccer live, most of whom have flown to Germany to watch the games.

People don’t look at everything from the economic viewpoint. World Cup soccer proves the same point. Imagine the amount of time spent by people surfing the net and watching tv…its simply out of our imagination. The amount of money we are sacrificing just to see 25 people run after a single ball is too high and yet we are ready for it. Things are more obscure than obvious. So, why does this happen?

The answer lies in one word-PASSION.


4 Responses to “Sacrifice for the World Cup!!!”

  1. vicky Says:

    oh hello,
    hello mr samaya ko kiro.don’t u know games happen every in four yesrs.u have enough time to work in u looks very poor from pocket and heart too.i know u r in usa and sounds like u r working in gas station that’s why u r talking like this.keep ur self happy and u will know what is world cup football means .oh yeah i forget how could u be happy u haven’t have dollars in your pocket.murkha rati kam gaarnay ani world cup hernay.otherwise u better keep your mouth close.

  2. sanu Says:

    hera murkha bhai ko dai paisa saving garnay ani world cup hernay.drinks ra night club ma paisa kharcha garna daar lagdaina aailay world cup hernay bela ma chai timilai kina headace bhanaya.bichara paat palna garo hola kay ko world cup hernay hai

  3. dreamnepal Says:

    vicky and sanu,
    I don’t know if you read everything above. Read the last paragraph and you will realize where I stand. I ain’t being economically mean out here, I am just putting a different perspective. Moreover, as I wrote out there, I am into soccer with passion. This explains why I am ready to sacrifice all my time for soccer.
    Hope I am able to clear up the confusion now.

  4. Hassan Humerickhouse Says:

    The world cup is not far away. Bring it on.

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