Nepalese National Becomes US National Team Coach


Nepali Taekwondo "Master" Narayan Gurung has been able to grab the coach position again. US Taekwondo national team will now be led by Narayan Gurung to the World University Taekwondo Championship which is being held in Valencia from May 16-20. This is the second time that Gurung has been selected to be the coach after being selected back in 2003.

Gurung, who represented Nepal in 1992 Olympics has several credits to his account including two gold medals among others. He is a highly accomplished person and US has taken advantage of his success. Kantipur writes that Gurung worked as the instructor for Nepal Sports Council for 5 years from 1988-92. However, currently, Gurung resides in US. Gurung has been affiliated to many Taekwondo associations and Oregon State Taekwondo is among them.

 It is a great honor for a Nepali to be the national coach of another country. We have only seen many soccer coaches in Europe coming from different countries. Talk about Eriksson, or Louis or who not? Many countries from Europe have coaches for soccer from other countries. This is a good tradition as it brings different ideas and people get to know each other. Different cultures get mixed up and we head towards creating a more homogenous mix in the society worldwide.

All the best to Gurung on his endeavours.

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One Response to “Nepalese National Becomes US National Team Coach”

  1. gabe Says:

    this is an old post….but i wanted to comment since Master Narayan Gurung has been like a father to me. He was my taekwondo coach for several years and he taught me much about the sport as well as life. The last time I saw him was in Los Angeles at a taekwondo tournament. Since I live on the east coast of the USA and he is in the state of Oregon we do not see each other very much. He is probably one of the most respectable TKD coaches and athletes.

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