Getting Naked on the Top of Everest!!!


A sherpa who reportedly fought to the top of Everest has been blamed for stripping on the top of Everest. It has been reported that a Sherpa Nepali guide named Lakpa Tharke remained naked for 3 minutes in the freezing conditions on the top of Everest, the top of the world.

The Himalayan Times writes:

Twenty five-year-old Lakpa Tharke Sherpa of Khumjung-9, Phorche, Solukhumbu took off his clothes on the summit for three minutes on May 24, claimed Ishwori Poudel, managing director of the Himalayan Guides Trek and Expeditions. Lakpa, a permanent staffer of the HGTE, scaled the peak as a climbing Sherpa of the Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition 06” team.

 However, this news has developed a lot of controversy in the media. Himalayan Times writes again:

Tshering Sherpa, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, expressed disbelief . “I am too shocked to hear that a climbing Sherpa has crossed the thin red line just to set a new record,” he said. He further said, “Mt Everest also known as Chomulungma is a holy mountain for us. What he has done is extremely shameful for the whole country.”

Buddhist people who regard Everest as the god are infuriated by this news which is yet to be confirmed though. The authorities are silent over the issue as of now but  one of the climber's organization is reported to be happy over the news saying this is the first time someone dared to get naked in the freezing conditions. Even more humorous is the news that they are thinking of entering his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Anyway, the book is meant for every extraordinary things done by people around the globe.

What do you think about this news? Do you think it was right to get naked on the top of Everest specially when it is sacred place for some people? What ethical standard should we follow? What individual rights do we have? It is all up to you to decide.

 (based on THT, May 25, )


10 Responses to “Getting Naked on the Top of Everest!!!”

  1. Sonnie Says:

    Every place is subject to written and unwritten rule, whom visitors, should abide. But there is another unwritten rule: “You can do anything you want, provided you will not be caught”

    We have everest controversies here in Manila, Philippines as well. Those who claimed to be the first and second Filipinos who reached everest was actuallt the 2nd and 3rd.

    The first reached the top of everest via Tibet route. Thus, his credentials were authenticated and record was set by the Tibet, in contrast with the first two Filipinos who took everest via Nepal route.

  2. Peter Whyte Says:

    No doubt the mountains are deemed sacred, but I don’t see the reason for the uproar. It may be that he wanted to feel a real sense of freedom, because such spots do evoke peace and strange reactions and this is being turned into something ugly. Re: Desecretation of the mountain – God being our creator certainly knows every spot of the anatomy, which I regard as something of beauty and awe. The feeling of shame, or what ever you’d like to call it, is in the mind. Lastly,why are only the mountains sacred, have we forgotten that the whole universe is God’s creation and do we respect it, believing that GOD IS EVERYWHERE ? (Warsaw/Poland)

  3. Fletcher Schoen Says:

    I was on a National Outdoor leadership mountaineering course with Lakpa who told me he did it as a prayer for religious brotherhood around the world. More power to him if you ask me.

  4. James Kennedy Says:

    I was on the same course as Fletcher and Lhakpa. Fletcher is absolutely right — our friend wanted to make a statement about religious brotherhood and world peace. We had many discussions about the havoc that religious zealotry has wreaked on our planet. He held with him a painting that he completed (very small, about 8 x 12) that says “PEACE ON EARTH” He held this drawing over his heart to signify his dedication to world peace.

    All of the articles about this event have jumped to conclusion without ever consulting Lhakpa. Are there any quotes from this man? NO! That is an outrage.

    In our world today, it seems pretty few people believe in world peace and even fewer stand up to defend or advocate world peace. Lhakpa does so everyday in conversation and this was a way to preach this message from the rooftop of the world. It is a TRAGEDY that nobody took the time to listen, reporters and otherwise.

  5. lhakpa tharke sherpa Says:

    i am glad to see this not .
    i dont know that ang . t. dominate me … for what ??? am i neket there ??? a.t. do you see my photo ? i know some about the buddisam mt. everest is we bilive the got but which religion god is she ? is she budhisam do you look about the buudhas cloths ? ? ? any way if no good for world do i did that ??? any way you will know lettter what i means and way i did i am verry sad about sherpa comunity dont ask me about my gool .a.thering please chek the samasti nepal news i wrotee there my gool any way i am proud i was born in not popular place but i leave tha message in world peace …
    lhakpa tharke

  6. Gabriella Hockins Says:

    I love the top photograph. Is it alright if I use it with a credit back to your site on an article I’m researching about bicycle climbing and the effects of altitude?

  7. sonam Says:

    WOW this is beyond our imagination! i love his extraordinary did, nationality,….we should proud him. naked in minus temperature means not ordinary one he myght be power, energy or blessing of divine…
    he n his did was sybol of WORLD PEACE n FREEDOM.

  8. oto ford Says:

    oto ford…

    […]Getting Naked on the Top of Everest!!! « Our Dream- a Prosperous Nepal[…]…

  9. Kapil Says:

    being naked is birth right and is not wrong unless it used to offfend other.

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