World Cup Review: Ronaldo Disappointed Everyone!!!


The star has fallen to the grounds. His performance has been negligible, if not disturbing to his teammates. Brazilian coach gave him enough chances and now is the time to choose alternatives. Fat guy has brought nothing but shame to the Brazilian team.

Brazil does not lack superb soccer players. Most of them have enormous talents. So, it does not make sense for Parreira to be stucked up with Ronaldo when he can't produce results. I watched the game against Croatia. Ronaldo did not even touch the ball more than a couple of times, let alone run around to get the ball. Then, he was excused. He was not completely recovered from the illness.

However, the match against Australia proved the general notion floating in the media. Ronaldo has lost his actions. He is no more the magical player who won the world cup for Brazil in 2002. He has added too much weight and he simply does not run. May be the coach wants him to stay in the front, but this does not mean that he should stay at one place forever. He has to run around to fetch the ball when needed.

Some of the people take Ronaldo's assist today as his improving form. However, this does not impress me. Nobody noticed him in the game. Robinho was much more impressive moving all around the pitch.  

What do you guys think? I strongly feel that the coach should leave out Ronaldo from the starting 11 for the next game. Votes for Robinho… 


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