Mt.Everest Kills a Man-Personal Accomplishment Vs. A Humane Side


Many a times people have to fight between personal achievements and a sympathetic heart. Whether to help others or to further self-interest, human mind has always been confused. Some people tend to help others leaving aside their personal gains while others tend to take advantage of such situations to earn what they truly deserve. The fate of David Sharp was decided by the latter. He was left to die in despair while dozen others passed by to conquer the Everest. This sad tale of a climber shows us a new side to our moral standards.

Associated Press (May 26,2006  writer Binaj writes:

The story, an open secret in the crowded nylon city of Mount Everest base camp, trickled out from the high Himalayas: A British mountaineer desperate for oxygen had collapsed along a well-traveled route to the summit.Dozens of people walked right past him, unwilling to risk their own ascents.Within hours, David Sharp, 34, was dead.

It has been long evident that people are inherently selfish. Their personal gains are much more important compared to social service. This news is evidence to this human nature.

It is true that we cannot blame the climbers alone. Sharp was also to be blamed for he was reported to have been unprepared for the ascent. Reports say that Sharp lacked sufficient oxygen, and was even without gloves among others. Many climbers are there to conquer the summit of Everest on a commercial basis and they cannot afford to waste their only chance to get to the top of the Everest. However, where does the small "heart" go when you see a dying person infront of you?

It is also true that everyone has the right to further their self-interests. However, it is sad to see people losing their humane side in this process. If this were to continue, how are we going to survive 20 years from now?

This news has opened up a new dimension to Everest climbing. We need to be self-loaded with all medical and other supplies and should not expect help from other people if we are to position ourselves among those who have conquered the top of the world.

Whatever be the ground realities, it is sad that nobody bothered to help Sharp. It is true that Everest isn't the cool 5-star hotel room. Life and death are a part of the Everest expedition. And yet, I feel like we should have turned to our humane side before leaving him to die the cold death.


One Response to “Mt.Everest Kills a Man-Personal Accomplishment Vs. A Humane Side”

  1. mark meece Says:

    Although I have no climbing experiance I can not imagine leaving a body behind, there is no way I could leave a dying person I would even put a dying animal out of it’s misery if I could’nt help it.

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