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You Can Only Take a Horse to a River-You Cannot Make it Drink!!!

मे 18, 2007

This perfectly suits the newly weds in the cabinet in Nepal. People who never have had responsible public portfolios in the past are ruling the country. The country is going down the line every day. Socialist policies which were long dead for the world are taking over the market economy in Nepal. Maoists are on the road to ruin the future of millions of Nepalese for the sake of their political goals. A fresh example-Melamchi Project.



Madhesi Movement: Apple Gone Sour

मार्च 10, 2007

While it is true that many people from the Terai region have been discriminated for long, I do not see the present spell of “bandhs” to be the justifiable actions. It is one thing to fight against the injustice and quite another to start another form of injustice by forcing thousands of people to close down the businesses. So, I think it is the time for everyone to come together and reconcile to work for a better Nepal.

What went wrong?