Madhesi Movement: Apple Gone Sour


While it is true that many people from the Terai region have been discriminated for long, I do not see the present spell of “bandhs” to be the justifiable actions. It is one thing to fight against the injustice and quite another to start another form of injustice by forcing thousands of people to close down the businesses. So, I think it is the time for everyone to come together and reconcile to work for a better Nepal.

What went wrong?

Having been to the Terai region, I can understand the frustrations building up among the native people of that region at not having much of representation in most of the official positions including the parliament. It is also true that the people of the “pahadi” origin had a better life in the terai region and enjoyed the pleasure of having the native people work in their farms while they were savoring delicious dishes of fish at home.

So, I am with them if we are to talk about abolishing such practices and getting rid of the domineering nature of “pahadi” people.

However, most of the demands seem to have been the outcome for some personal gain at the cost of millions of other people. Why should the home-minister resign? Just because a couple of people were shot dead for destroying peace in the society doesn’t mean the minister should resign. This is the most ridiculous demands of the madhesi janadhikar forum. And, holy cow…they want their leader as the minister.

This is totally motivated for personal gain. There were some representatives in the parliament from the madhesi origin and some of them even got ministerial portfolios. What did they do for the madhesis? Yadav is just another man…So, if madhesi people are blinded by this Yadav, they are going to regret just like thousands of poor Nepalese believed in Prachanda a couple of years ago.

Secondly, I do not understand their demand for proportional election system based on population. How is it possible for us to divide the region just based on population and how is that going to be fair? One man -one vote doesn’t mean X men should have one candidate. The actual number of people in a constituency depends on the geographical situation besides the population of certain area. Either these people do not understand the meaning of democracy or they fail to acknowledge the truth.

I know some of the people from terai will be pretty vocal about this issue and will come hard on me but hey…isn’t it that simple?

The government offered for talks and these stupid bunch of people want the resignation to be the first priority. What a shame!!! Are we against a person or the system out here?

I have always advocated for peaceful protests and I never appreciated the “bandhs” even during the revolution that made Gyanendra kneel down to the people. Rule of law has not been abided by the Nepalese and as long as this continues to be so, Nepal will never prosper.

Look at the law abiding citizens of Nepal…If one of their demands are not met, they will go for a “bandh” no matter how much the costs be. To be simple, these people aren’t aware of the actual costs. They are so narrow-minded that they do not have the capacity to gauze the costs and benefits of an action. Look at the effect of curfew-the last resort to maintain peace and harmony in society and prevent any untoward incidents. Last time there was a curfew, there were hundreds of people in the street. If people think that muscles and guns can bring power and prosperity, when will the society operate under the rule of law?

Seriously, I am tired. I am tired of Nepalese-their ignorance, their dumb and corrupted attitude, their failure to understand the basics of economics.


5 Responses to “Madhesi Movement: Apple Gone Sour”

  1. Utshab Says:

    Well, i do agree with ur points. As being from the Terai Region, i think that i have also understood a little bit about the terai politics. The demands, they have raised are geniune and similar to the needs of many communities of the country which are in shadow. But, the problem of their agitation is the interest of the socalled terai leaders who are seing infront of the movements in recent days. Some of them are from the NGO, who demands money showing the miserable condition of the madhesi people and wants to make their power effect above those innocents madhesi people, some of them are from the leading political parties including Maoists, who have seperated quarelling on the issue of position and for their self interest.

    Those all are guided by some vested interest like, power, position, chances of being governer or superior if the terai will be the seperate state and there are lots of evidences that proves, they are funded by the royalists to make instability in the country and to disturb the CA Election. Otherwise, there are no any worthy reasons that they have to disturb the CA Election inspite of trying to make it possible which is also more fruitful for them. And, the case of representatives in the parliament, there are already approx 43% of representatives from the Madhesi Community if calculated properly from all the parties.

    Yes, in the case of other beauruocratic and other institutions, there may be less representation as comparison to their population but, they haven’t thought and analysed the reason why? I don’t think that it’s all because of the pahadi people. The most descriminations are being between themselves. The less numbers of elites from their communities are making them misguided and on the sake of their power politics and to keep on the ordinary people on their domination, they have done nothing for the madhesi people. So, i would only like to say that the more imbalances have created by their own elites and only less numbers of cases by the pahadis. After all, the responsibilities goes to themselves also and they also have to initiate and have to fight on the seats of the beaurocracy and the similar institutions processly.

  2. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    Although the article given above substantiates enough data for the deplorable condition of the Terai region of Nepal, it fails to bring out a conjoint solution which may be applied
    to curb the ungoing unrest. Yes I do know that for every movement and mass uprising there was some personal gains or the other. So one cannot be shun away from this, unlike the Terai region. My solution to this problem would be to give a dominion, with its local self government. Since the Cabniet is unable to answer to the miseries of the people, the local self government will be responsible and answerable to the Parliament. If the maoists after 10 years of violent insurgency can come to the cabnet to head it in different potfoliosm,why cant the people of the Terai region. They need to be given a fair share withing the limits of the country.
    I am a Liberal Arts student myself and on the basis of my knowledge with history as evedence communal representation or even a minority seat representation has never been helpful. Yes it may look like a solution in the beginning but in it, it stores the seeds of violence hatred and is a hindrance in the name of equality. For a country like nepal, with multiple and complex goegraphical structures also a buffer zone, minority representation is of little help. By allowing a local self government not only will the madhesi people have their fair share in the government processes but also will get a safe passage to pour their grievences meted out by the rich landlords.

  3. Joke Says:

    “Just because a couple of people were shot dead for destroying peace in the society doesn’t mean the minister should resign”

    Well! this attitude is really bad. Ok when your people are shot dead madhesis will write the same thing.

    Beware next time it will be you and your people.

  4. dreamnepal Says:

    I might have been a little furious at the agitations during that time. As you might have seen in many posts in the site, I strongly believe violence should never be the means to achieving your ends. It is not about you or me, it is about us.
    It is obvious that most of the demands were for personal gain rather than the societal gain for the indigenous madhesi community. There are quite a few lawmakers from the terai community. What have they done to give back to their fellow members? Yadav is just another man. He wanted to be a minister after Sitaula resigned. This is personal politics-not our politics, not the dream of millions of madhesi people.
    In any case, if you advocate the movement so much, send me something and I will be glad to post a different post under your name in the site.

  5. Ewa Dearstyne Says:

    Hi from canada, good blog. i’ll come back later to see what’s new.

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