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Quantity theory of Money and its relevance

नोभेम्बर 1, 2006


(Note: I will also be writing a lot about economics-related topics in this website. Topics can range from simple theories to different ideas of famous economists and their relevance. I will try to write as short as possible).

Generally, quantity theory of money asserts that nominal income is determined by the growth of the money supply and it is represented by the following equation:

i)Money Supply * Velocity of Circulation = Price Level * Output



Time for Free International Telephone Calls!!

अक्टोबर 10, 2006

I ain’t sure if this works as I have not tried yet but this site seems to offer free international calls. I have doubts if it is actually free as it claims but it is worth a try. If it really allows you to make free calls, why bother buy expensive cards?

This is what the site claims:
Simply call one of the domestic USA phone numbers from your home, office or mobile phone to be connected to our gateway. Once it answers, dial in the number you want to reach.


Annual Budget Revealed: Palace Budget Slashed by 45%

जुलाई 12, 2006

Finance Minister, Ram Saran Mahat, has made the annual budget of Rs. 143.91 billion rupees public on Wednesday. Basically, the budget aims to establish peace and create infrastructures in the country. There are a few new things in the budget which have tried to address people’s aspirations. The royal palace budget has been slashed by about 45% while villages have been given an increase in their annual grants to 1 million rupees. However, maoists aren’t happy with the budget.


Multinationals Closed in Nepal

जुन 25, 2006

The fight between employers and employees has hit the Nepalese market again. Those employed want higher wages and better working conditions while those employing cite poor profitability and low sales for meagre wages. The higher wages demanded by the unions in the southern part of Nepal has led to the closure of multinationals like Coke and Carlsberg.


Should We Have a Minimum Wage in Nepal?

जुन 7, 2006

Minimum wage is the least amount of monetary reward that an employer is obliged to pay to its workers irrespective of their productivity levels. But, can minimum wage be justified? Why should an employer pay wages which are higher than the productivity levels of workers? However, is it again fair to suppress workers to a low market wage which does not even let them cross the poverty line? Furthermore, should the minimum wage be adjusted so that the real wage does not get eroded over time? These are the questions for a debate.


Free Cell-Phone Minutes For You All

मे 30, 2006

The cell-phone business has been highly competitive in USA. This new strategy to be used by Virgin Mobile USA will allow customers to get free minutes; they will have to bear with the ads however.  Isn't this wonderful? It's like a new job. You can use your free time to earn more minutes for your  cell phones. However, this is not the end of the story. (more…)

Nepal In South Asia

मे 23, 2006

Nepal is largely a subsistence economy with more than 80% of people engaged in agriculture. Manufacturing sector which engages only about 3% of the population is yet to progress in this remote country engulfed by rebel fighting since 1996. Service sector is not in a good position either, however, it employs about 16% of the population. Unemployment is high. To be more exact,Nepal suffers from disguised unemployment in the agricultural sector. Trade balance has continued to be negative over the past several years. Inflation has been continuous, though at a lower rate. While other countries have been able to register a double digit growth in their GDP per capita over the past five years;Nepal suffered a dismal growth of GDP per capita of just 3.8% between 2001 and 2005.


Why Should Nepal Open Up? A General Case for Developing Countries

मे 23, 2006

Globalization has become a reality in spite of protectionist policies prevalent in many countries of the world. It is no surprise that a man from Nepal can use the GM automobiles while a man from USA is able to furnish his house with the high quality carpets from Nepal. Owing to high competition among the global giants, the price of major products has gone down. Consumers have never experienced such a wide variety of products and price ranges ever before.


Koirala-Prachanda Talk Over Telephone to Resolve Business Crisis

मे 21, 2006

In yet another interesting development, there has been a telephone conversation between Koirala and Prachanda to end the row related to the closure of some industries in the southern Nepal. Nepalnews quoted the state run Radio Nepal as saying that the two leaders talked on creating a favourable environment condusive for business operation in Bara and Parsa districts among other issues.


Skype Introduces Free Calls to All Phones In US and Canada

मे 16, 2006

Skype, one of the most popular software used by people to make calls from computer to computer has made yet another advance. It has offered free calls to all the phones including landlines and cell phones from the computers within USA and Canada as long as the calls are made to US and Canadian phones. This is yet another evidence of growing competition among online communication business. While messengers like msn also allow people to talk over the internet, they do not have the capability to allow customers to make free calls to landlines or cell phones.