Devyani Rana: Lost in the air? Not at all


Devyani: The fantasy of Dipendra

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Devyani had been lost in the woods for a while but the media did not spare her altogether. Her reported wedding ceremony has been thrown to ruin by the media reports regarding her association with the mysterious palace murder in Nepal about 5 years ago.

We all are aware that Dipendra had a bitter relation with his mother regarding her disapproval of Devyani for marriage. Reportedly, they had several discussions in this regard, but both had remained adamant to their ideas until the day of mystery arrived. Few argued that Dipendra shot his family members while many still believe that the murder was a greater part of Gyanendra’s aim of becoming a king. Many people associate Gyanendra’s failure to laugh, his grim face with the sense of guilt he stores inside.

Gyanendra’s face has never seen smile after the royal massacre.

Back to the topic:

Yes, the news of Devyani has gained a momentum in the market again. Reportedly, Devyani was to marry another guy.Daily times writes:

This year, Devyani, the daughter of Pashupati Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, the grandson of the last powerful Rana prime minister of Nepal and one of the most famous clans in Nepal, became engaged to Aishwarya Singh, grandson of Arjun Singh, India’s human resources development minister and member of the ruling Congress Party.

The wedding was to have taken place in India on Aug 17-18, followed by a lavish reception in Kathmandu.

It further writes:

However, after the Indian media got the wind of the upcoming wedding and gave it a blaze of publicity, where Devyani’s unwitting association with the palace massacre was revived, the match is reported to have run into trouble.

The groom’s family is said to be asking for postponing the marriage, if not cancelling it altogether, reports here said.

I don’t know if this is the best thing for media to do but I feel like she should be given the option to live her life the way she wants. She needs a company like everybody else. Yes, she was a cause of disputes between Dipendra and his mother but she has no fault of her own. Moreover, we don’t even know if Dipendra did those crimes. Many of us still cast doubts over Gyanendra’s credibility.

Don’t you guys think its time for us to let Devyani live her own life and not bring her up in the news everytime she tries to revamp her life?

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3 Responses to “Devyani Rana: Lost in the air? Not at all”

  1. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    We are now well ahead of the 2001 aftermath that finished the entire Royal Family of Nepal in a rather ancient style of coup de grace. Well the reason is well known and also the person behind it. There cannot be any claims and disputes about it. It was a love affair and the Royal Family was destined to perish.

    I do not have any comments about the royal couple, but then as a very liberal political student that a person has the right to do what he or she likes suiting her needs according to the time.

  2. Indra Adhikari Says:

    I don’t think anybody should link devyani life with the cradit losing royal family in nepal. she has chosen her life to be and let her live her way.

    good that her marriage got place in media but attempt to downcast her life linking royal massacre is incredible and unethical for media persons.

    the fact whether she was the cause of royal shooting in Nepal would come out once become republic or after years if monarchy saved in Nepal.

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