Devyani in the Starlight Again


Finally it has been decided!!!

Devyani is over with the palace incident and her deceased boyfried -then prince Dipendra. Now, she is prepared for a new life, a new beginning to the new world. Not that this guy she is getting married is a new one, but still, she is getting something new in her life-a formal marriage ceremony.

Aishwarya Singh had been linked with her marriage last year too. However, the marriage did not take place because of a couple of reasons including the hype created by the media.

However, it is facing the same problem right now. With the news of her marriage, the palace incident revolves around the minds of millions of people. So, it is all the more natural that people link Devyani with the palace incident. Yet, it is important that we allow her to live her life the way she wants. After all, she lost someone who loved her madly…

Here is what Gopal Khanal writes in Ekantipur about the upcoming marriage:

Devyani Rana, who made the headlines because of her ‘friendship’ with the then Crown Prince Dipendra, is all set to tie the knot with an Indian royal Prince Aishwarya Singh in New Delhi in a grand celebration on Friday.

Devyani, who is the great grand daughter of the last Rana Prime Minister of Nepal late Mohan Shumsher Rana, has chosen as her life partner, India’s central minister Arjun Singh’s grandson Aishwarya Singh. The series of ceremonies will be held at Sindhya House in Sarojini Nagar, Delhi.

Please visit the link to Ekantipur for a complete read.

It is not unusual that there is a marriage ceremony between people of two nationalities as there have been quite a few in the past. The marriage is speculated to be a lavish ceremony given the wealth these two families possess and the obvious tradition in this part of the world.

In any case, let us not peek deep into her private life. Everyone needs a space to move around. Let us give her some space.

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One Response to “Devyani in the Starlight Again”

  1. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    Not worth commenting on the marriage. But her name still lets a faint stench of the henious act that took place in the palace.

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