Jessica is Seriously Ill-Help Her


Jessica Yonzon, a graduate student of U of I at Urbana-Champaign, is seriously ill and is in dire need of financial and emotional support from you all. It has been the tradition of Nepalese people to help the fellow Nepalese when they run into problems. And, now is the time to show our committment towards our friends again.

Here is more detailed information on her.

Jessica is still ill. She was taken to Peoria last Thursday by helicopter. Perhaps she will be discharged soon. But her major illness is still with her, she has to be operated on her heart. That has to be done in near future. For now our challenge is to gather support for her and for her mom, who has arrived here for taking care of her only child.

We are a very small Nepali community and friends of Nepal in Urbana-Champaign. That makes it hard for us to gather sufficient support for the patient. We need a few thousand dollars just to supplement the copays for medicines, lodging and fooding during their stay in Peoria and Champaign. More importantly, Jessica has no assistantship for the summer.

Life isn’t always straight forward and it does not come out well for everyone. However, we should try to help each other to come out of difficult moments. Here is the chance for you to help someone. Lets just do it.

To donate, visit the site:



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