Pratistha Found Alive and Well!!!


Finally the police have found her in the Estes mountain. After more than 10 days of active search, the Estes Park police had said that they had abandoned the search operation for Pratistha Budhathoki, a student from Nepal. The end of the search was attributed to the lack of any substantial findings in the past few days with regards to Pratistha’s missing from the Estes mountain. Now that she is found, we are waiting for details.

9news writes:

ESTES PARK – Police have found the Nepalese student who had been missing for more than two weeks.Police found Pratistha Budhathoki alive and well in Estes Park Monday afternoon.

Earlier, the police had abandoned search for the girl. WCCO writes:

(AP) Estes Park, Calif. Police will not actively search for a 20-year-old Nepalese woman last seen June 22, unless they get a new lead, the police chief said Sunday…About 25 searchers and six technical climbers scoured Prospect Mountain on Saturday, and a smaller group went up Sunday morning, Police Chief Lowell Richardson said. They found nothing. Richardson said investigators would re-interview witnesses and friends.

So, where did she spend all these days? Why did not other people see her during these days? I hope we will be able to get all these answers in the days to come. And oh yea, welcome Pratistha…to the world again.
source:WCCO, June 23,06, copyright: AP 2006., 7/3/06


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