Pratistha’s Clothes Found!!!


Hopes fade away as more and more days go without any significant findings. Pratistha Budhathoki, an exchange student from Nepal, has been missing for more than 10 days now and still we have no clue as to what may have happened to her. Nepalese have had a bad year already with the death of more than half a dozen students in different accidents. Though the hopes are less, the search team has found her restaurant clothes: a sign of encouragement to the search team but yet far from anything substantial.

Many Nepalese students move around the country in the summer to work and earn for their college education. Pratistha, a student at St. Clouds University was one of them. She was working in a subway restaurant in the Estes Park.9News writes:

Wednesday Estes Park Police found her Subway uniform, where she also worked, on a rock less than a mile from the store at the top of the Aerial Tramway.She was not wearing the Subway uniform the day she disappeared. 
Reportedly, the uniform was found in perfect condition on a rock. Earlier, the police have reported that her credit card was used in a restaurant on the top of the mountain to purchase a meal and also that her cellphone was used to check messages on the 20th of June.

Though the police have not suspected some criminal activities, we have reasons to believe there were some criminal activities. She is a young girl and there is a high chance that somebody might have kidnapped her and raped her. So, it is too early to rule out the alternatives.

Lets just hope she is fine and will be back with us again…

source:, 6/29/06


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