Nuclear North-East Asia: What Next?


We just read and saw the news on TV about nuclear North Korea. They did seem to have blasted a nuclear bomb, probably one at a smaller scale. So, what is up for us in the future? Is Japan going to remain a non-nuclear state or will it change its constitution? How about South Korea? How about Iran in the middle east?

So, who determines who should get nuclear weapons and who should not? USA? UN? UK, China, Germany? If some countries already have some, what moral rights do they have to ask others to refrain from having it? And, how do we characterize someone as being dangerous and not others? Are we to trust that USA is never going to use those weapons? It is the only nation that has used nuclear bomb so far right?

Things are pretty complex now. While I do agree that we should not have war and peace should prevail no matter what, I don’t agree that we should impose our ideas on others, more so when we don’t follow them ourselves. Thats exactly what these nuclear nations should do. How can India and Pakistan condemn Korean test? Why should China term it as “brazen”? What rights do Korea, Japan and USA to call it unacceptable to have a nuclear Korea?

These things aren’t easy to talk about. The world is getting more and more dangerous day by day. I fear that I have been pushed towards death with every developments going around the world. So, what is in store for us?

What is the security council going to do? Impose sanctions? How about all those innocent people? Are we to see them suffer just because their leader did not abide by our rule? Express your views…lets discuss.


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