The Immortal Man


Can you believe it? Is it the mystery which we all are trying to solve? Yes, it might well be possible for us to be immortal in the near future. Who would have imagined that we can get to the moon and study it back in Buddha's period? Birds have been hovering in the sky for ages. We dreamt it, and we succeeded. We have turned days into nights and nights to days. We have been able to convert oceans to landmass and lands to waterparks. So, what isn't possible? Tomorrow, we are going to be immortal.

It is not the end of the story. There are a lot of challenges and yet a man will not stop dreaming. He will continue to work hard to get to the point where he would not have to worry about death anymore. Clifford writes:

The most unreported story deals with evolution of human lifespans and intelligence. Although we hear news reports about how humans will live longer in the future, we rarely hear reports that our children or grandchildren will be immortal by the end of the next century. Given the tremendous advances in molecular biochemistry that will take place by 2100, we will certainly uncover the molecular and cellular mysteries of aging, and therefore many humans will live forever, assuming they don't suffer a fatal accident. I am amazed that this obvious concept is not discussed more often or taken more seriously. Of course, the ecological, economic, political, social, and religious implications will be extreme. Imagine an immortal Pope discussing the afterlife with his followers — or the growth of two social classes, those that can afford immortality and those too poor to gain access to the required anti-aging "treatment."

Are you already dreaming about it? Hold on, we have much more to be done before we can achieve it. However, I believe it is possible. Man has conquered the earth, next in line might be to make us immortal. However, what consequences would it have on our society?

People won't have to fear death. So, will they start behaving insane? What will be the consequences on the ecology and environment? As Clifford pointed out up there, the consequences are extreme. Well, development of nuclear weapon was also extreme. Nuclear weapons have killed thousands of people. However, that does not stop us from creating one. There are better sides to every creations. We need to use the human creativity to our benefits, not to our own destruction. Eienstein did not invent the formula for destruction. It was meant for human benefit.

What do you people think on this? Do you think it is possible for us to be immortal? Do you think we will be able to have a decent life after that? This question has been pressing me a lot. While I don't believe in religion, I believe advance in science can create things which seem impossible to us now. I don't think there is a long time before we can walk in the streets without any fear of death.

 (sources used: Clifford, A. Pickover,The Immortalization of Humanity,  ) 


One Response to “The Immortal Man”

  1. lizard Says:

    interesting to find out you manage to peep into the world of science too ! but i do not share your belief on science ! science too has limits ! and remember all that wat comes up from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle or The Third Law Of Thermodynamics ! the philosophical interpretations of these things do not lead you to a sanguine point of view for the world! but if u r an economics student , why not limit yourself talking the real-life issues than these boring science stuff !

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