Religion, Terrorism and USA


It is all too easy for people unaware of history and international relations to label Islam as a religion of terrorists but the reality is quite different from the surfacial informaiton that floats around the media. American domination of the world is the sole reason millions of people around the world hate America. If there is a single country in the world which people abhor, it is America. Nevertheless, millions others are destined to America for financial reasons but from inside they still HATE America.

The acts of terrorism weren’t that frequent, nor did they gather this much of publicity in the past. The reason? Well, American domination was less in the past and at most cases, USA itself financed these modern so-called terrorists. One can only remember how OSAMA was financed by USA. And, now he is the man, USA is running after. Isn’t this much of a self-bred terrorism?

America is the dream to many. They want to come to USA and live here. But for what? Just for money, and nothing else. If one goes abroad and talks about the US foreign policies, one would be stormed to death in many areas. USA has this superior attitude which got it into this abyss of terrorism. Had USA not involved with the foreign affairs of these Islamic countries, why would they attack USA? Why haven’t these so-called terrorists attacked China or some other countries which do not wish to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries? Americans forget this very thing.

America claims to have fought for the freedom of the people in Iraq. But, hey MR.Bush, have you delivered freedom to the Iraqi people? When your life is at risk at every second of your life, when you fear death with every step you walk, when you don’t know if the bus you are riding will blow up in no time, when you don’t know if your wife will be alive when you get home from work, do you think the meaning of freedom has been realized? Freedom isn’t about getting rid of chains, it is about having a free life where you can decide your own future without any fear. I am sure Iraqi people had a better life during Saddham’s period compared to the life after American invasion.

Look at Lebanon. Look at Palestine. USA works for people who buy its weapons. Israel gets support for all its attacks even when people from Palestine lost their land to Israel. Israel can occupy other countries, it does not make a big deal. But, if China wants its part, Taiwan, back, it is a huge deal to USA. Why? All the more obvious. As long as USA has some interest, it backs them up.

And, now that some of these Islamist people took revenge, USA is freaking out. It is attacking sovereign nations in the name of terrorism. Afganistan lost itself in the deserts with everything destroyed in US attacks. Iraq is in ruins and I wonder when will USA rebuild the damaged infrastructures. USA is perfectly justified in attacking Iraq where they did not trace any activity related to nuclear weapons. And, when these very people attack USA, its a attack on sovereignty, its a attack on freedom. Alas! A sad but true reality: Americans are short-sighted. They do not see the back side of the coin. How can they forget the fact that they promoted OSAMA?

America needs an advice: hold yourself within your domain. Nobody gives a damn unless you mess with them. Have you ever seen the honey bees attack you unless you want to steal the honey from its domain? Exactly, same point is applicable here as well.

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