Al-Queda Leader Bombed to Death


The world is unsafe, and uncertain. Reasons for this? Among others, terrorists are largely responsible for the insecurity we all feel around this globe. It has not been long since these terrorists killed about a dozen Nepalese in Iraq. We were scared and angry at the same time. May be we were also into the world of terrorist's targets. However, a good news has come along the way. The leader of Al-Queda has been bombed to death in Iraq. May be we will see less of terrorists' crimes in the days to come.

NY Times writes:

Al-Queda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed in an American airstrike on an isolated safe house north of Baghdad at 6:15 p.m. local time on Wednesday, top American and Iraqi officials said today. Islamic militant Web sites linked to Al Qaeda quickly confirmed the death, saying Mr. Zarqawi had been rewarded with "martyrdom" for his role in the war here.

It is natural that we all are happy at his death. However, will violence stop? Or will it further escalate? We never know. But, definitely his death is a moral blow to the Al-Queda people. 

As with every other news pieces, there have been doubts over this news as well. Some people have speculated that this man was killed a long time back but the news was kept behind the scene to justify the continued Iraqi occupation by the Americans. A news piece published by MSNBC on the 4th of March 2004 says that al-Zarqawi was suspected to have been killed then.MSNBC writes:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq “during the American bombing there,” according to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the “Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen.”

So, who are we going to trust? Therefore, I do not trust the media easily. They leave the readers in cloud. Now it is upto you to speculate on his death. Whatever be the case, I am happy that he is dead. I wish the world will be a better place to live given the fact that this man is confirmed as dead. 

(sources: US Strikes hits Insurgent at Safehouse,, June 8,2006 and Iraq Militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead,MSNBC news,, March 4, 2004) 


One Response to “Al-Queda Leader Bombed to Death”

  1. fana Says:

    yeah i think georg bush have pay osama bin laden to take down wtc. If you think cia bulding was right with wtc, but all the cia people was gone hours befor they gett down. Osama bin laden’s family living in u.s.a and thats my friend is a very strange thing. 3 mounth befor the atack 11 september 2001 it was a terro deal for the wtc. If they gett down they gett some moore spesiale buldings. Buch and the others in the with hous have alsow pay other land’s to hve a war, like in the middle east. Sow i think the Big black wolf is Buch and the people there.


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