Saddham Sentenced to Death-Further Tension in Iraq?


What do you all think about this? I seriously feel that the Iraqi people have more torture and tormentation waiting in the future. Life is more insecure and more deaths of Iraqi people is all the more obvious. Is it just a election propoganda for Bush or does he really think this is going to bring peace in Iraq? Let’s hear some of the Iraqi people.

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 Here are two quotes from BBC.



Mohammed Maher

Mohammed Maher: I don’t think the situation in Iraq will stabilise

The verdict is unfair – Saddam has not committed any of the crimes that he has been accused of.

The events are not as they were portrayed and, in fact, Saddam was fighting armed militias in the north of Iraq and fighting the Islamic Dawa party in the south of Iraq.

I feel shocked at the decision to hang Saddam – I had expected the charge to be a life sentence.

The whole trial process has been unfair. And the proof of this is that the verdict has been delivered two days before the mid-term elections in the US – in which George Bush’s Republican Party is struggling against fierce competition

I don’t think the situation in Iraq will stabilise after this verdict. The decision to execute Saddam is like pouring petrol onto the fire. I think that rivers of blood will flow through the country.

There are many supporters of Saddam in the Al Anbar and Salahuddin provinces – and so the insurgency will actually escalate after these latest events.


Faiz Ahmad

Faiz Ahmad: The groups who supported Saddam will attempt revenge

I am overwhelmed by a mixture of feelings – joy and anxiety, caution and surprise.

I am relieved to see the end of the dictator and the painful memories of his rule – right up to his angry and provocative appearance in court.

However, I feel cautious and anxious because of the expected reaction from terrorist groups who wished to see Saddam returned to power.

The court’s verdict should not be taken lightly. The armed groups who supported Saddam will attempt to avenge themselves on the Iraqi people and push for the destruction of the country.

I don’t believe that Saddam’s trial and that of his associates was 100 per cent fair because of the intervention by the Iraqi government in appointing judges and forcing some of them to resign.

Nevertheless, I believe the trial is acceptable because it allowed Saddam and his associates to defend themselves before the court. This is a right that was denied to people of Iraq when they were in power.

I am also surprised that the verdict was reached today as I had thought that the trial would persist forever and there would be no resolution.

I am talking to you from my house in Basra and I may say there is a general feeling of relief that the era of dictatorship is over – though this is mixed with fear of the future.

What do you people think on this issue? Please do write comments on this issue.


2 Responses to “Saddham Sentenced to Death-Further Tension in Iraq?”

  1. Farida Says:

    I think you guys are all fools – you are letting the outsiders kill yourselves and make yourselves more and more weak to remain under their “west” dictatorship for ever.
    It pains to see how black your (mulims’) soul has become to be so low in morale.

  2. Sin Sava Says:

    If what was said for Saddam is being repeated by the present Government in Iraq Then they are no better and should face the same end The West has devided Iraq just like the british did in India before leaving So The worst is yet to come untill some kind of Gandhi comes out of Iraq Untill such time No matter what the American govt does increase their forces or decrease They will face the worst nightmare Saddam might be Dead But he has given America its everlasting War which will see it going down Now the Americans are faced with 2 bigger problems Support Iran or support Iraq Shias they are both dommed End of the day Bush made a blunder for Which The American Government will pay the price !NO WAY OUT

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