Nepalese Communists Still in the 20th Century


A news in Kantipuronline shocked me today. The Nepalese maoists (CPN-M)are moving to remove the private ownership of property and are in the process of converting the properties of their leaders to the party ownership. Is this a cheap propaganda before the constituent assembly election or do they really think this system works in the 21st century of global capitalism?

Ekantipur writes:

In a drive to create a communist ‘commune’, the CPN-Maoist has initiated collecting details of individual property of its leaders and cadres to transfer them in the name of the party.

Holy cow!!! A communist ‘commune’ ? Am I in a dream? We have all the evidences from the history to prove that this system failed in almost all the places and it cannot succeed in Nepal either. Moreover, this is the age of global capitalism. Communism has no place in this world to all the rational people.

Not only this, the maoists aim to control everything of their party cadres. Do all these party  cadres really feel the public ownership of resources is a good idea or have they been forced? Ekantipur further writes:

The Maoist decision against holding individual property was also reflected in the party’s ruling to all its lawmakers. The party has ruled that its lawmakers can’t possess the money, received under the Parliamentary Act related to facilities and perks to parliamentarians. The party has taken responsibility of managing the expenses of its lawmakers.

What? Seriously, there is something wrong in the minds of Nepalese Maoists. They seem to be going under a some sort of trauma. They need to grow up and understand the outside world better before they end up being dead. They just need to understand that communism has no place on present day world. However, if they are doing this for a voter attraction, then they are doing another great mistake. You can fool once, you can fool twice, but you cannot fool the people forever…


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  1. Global Voices Online » Blog Archive » Nepal: A commune for the masses Says:

    […] Our Dream – A Prosperous Nepal doesn’t take too kindly to the Maoist vision of communes and property. “Holy cow!!! A communist ‘commune’ ? Am I in a dream? We have all the evidences from the history to prove that this system failed in almost all the places and it cannot succeed in Nepal either.” Neha Viswanathan […]

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  3. Sujit Rai Says:

    According to more than 6 decades of Nepalese social and political record of Nepal,

    It proved that Nepalese must change their social, racial and political Behavior, Morality, Mentality and Action. As long as, racial discrimination, national crimes and corruption remain deeply and heavily, Nepal will not have peace and will not move toward developments. This is guaranteed.

    In Nepal, What we need for political and governmental stability:

    (1) No one must be above Constitution, Law, Order, Rule and Regulation.

    (2) All Nepalese tribes and race must get equal opportunities in Education, Government employments, Political participation and representation as well as national social activities.

    (3) Political parties and Nepal government must be truly Democratic with fully fairness and zero tolerance in racial discrimination, crimes and corruption. Equality and fairness is key element of the true democracy.

    (4) Nepali election systems and criteria of applicant for election must be change. Applicant criteria for prime minister and ministers must be very scientific and democratic. Ruling terms of Prime minister must be maximum 2 terms (1 term must be 4 years), then one person can not be applicant for prime minister. E.g. USA. Applicant for minister must be certain age, education, transparency of background or history, clean criminal record history, contribution record to country, must be 4 generation authentic Nepal born Nepali citizen etc. All indigenous people of Nepal must have their own political and governmental representatives in Nepali parliament.

    (5) Crime and Corruption investigation, persecute agency must be establish and must give it full power for hunt, investigate, seize, persecute and punish to criminals. Egg. American FBI (federal Bureau of investigation). It is very important body of controlling crimes and corruption of country.

  4. nepalvista Says:

    what happens here stays here. There is only one may that nepal can develop which is by removing all the existing politicians and king out of the country. Need to build nepal from villages to city not vice versa. Our war is not ours it is influenced by other countries. Find out who they are then work from there!

  5. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    This is quite a up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Facebook.

  6. Salvia Silvia Says:

    Fantastic ideas here on this blog and I enjoy your take on things. One thing I’ve experienced is what we think about is exactly what we produce. We create our own reality.

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