One Step Towards Sustainable Peace in Nepal

नोभेम्बर 30, 2006 by

Finally the two sides have come to a meeting point. Maoists and the Government of Nepal signed a peace document which outlines the future course of actions. Here is the excerpt from Kantipuronline.


In keeping with the letters to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General of 9 August and the Comprehensive Peace Accord of 21 November 2006;

Guaranteeing the fundamental right of the Nepali people to take part in the constituent assembly elections in a free and fair environment without fear;

Declaring the beginning of a new chapter of peaceful democratic interaction by ending the armed conflict taking place in the country since 1996, based on the Comprehensive Peace Accord between the two parties in order to accomplish, through the constituent assembly, certainty of sovereignty of the Nepali people, progressive political outlet, democratic restructuring of the state, and social-economic-cultural transformation; and,

Affirming the will to fully observe the terms of this bilateral agreement witnessed by the United Nations:

The parties agree to seek UN assistance in monitoring the management of the arms and armies of both sides by the deployment of qualified UN civilian personnel to monitor, according to international norms, the confinement of Maoist army combatants and their weapons within designated cantonment areas and monitor the Nepal Army (NA) to ensure that it remains in its barracks and its weapons are not used against any side.

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Maya Ko Artha

नोभेम्बर 17, 2006 by


Alright, now we’ve started accepting poems from users as well. Here is the first one from Fucchu titled “Maya Ko Artha.” Enjoy it.


Timilai bheti jindagile

Naya lakshya paye cha!

Najik bata herda timilai

Pratibimba afnai dekhiye cha


kina garchau malai maya timi?

Kina dekhauchau naya sapana feri?

Sakne chaina bachna feri

Chodeyera gayechau bhane bholi

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Victory Over Autocracy!!!Nepal Turns Towards Republic

नोभेम्बर 8, 2006 by

Finally Nepal government signed a peace deal with the Maoist rebels. Hopefully, they will all be sincere in carrying out the peace deals in the days to come. People have great expectations and the politicians should live up to their expectations. Lets hope that Nepal will be a new prosperous society soon.

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Saddham Sentenced to Death-Further Tension in Iraq?

नोभेम्बर 6, 2006 by

What do you all think about this? I seriously feel that the Iraqi people have more torture and tormentation waiting in the future. Life is more insecure and more deaths of Iraqi people is all the more obvious. Is it just a election propoganda for Bush or does he really think this is going to bring peace in Iraq? Let’s hear some of the Iraqi people.

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Quantity theory of Money and its relevance

नोभेम्बर 1, 2006 by


(Note: I will also be writing a lot about economics-related topics in this website. Topics can range from simple theories to different ideas of famous economists and their relevance. I will try to write as short as possible).

Generally, quantity theory of money asserts that nominal income is determined by the growth of the money supply and it is represented by the following equation:

i)Money Supply * Velocity of Circulation = Price Level * Output

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Love Nepal

अक्टोबर 23, 2006 by

Ram Krishna Dhakal’s Song: Bihana Uthne Bittikai

courtesy: tareba, Youtube.

Delving Into the Life of a Child Conductor-Do We Have a Heart?

अक्टोबर 19, 2006 by

Streetchildren A ten-year-old child was there calling out to people to get into the bus. His clothes were tattered and torn everywhere and re-stitched in many other places. The yellow stains of spices and oil were clearly shining from his dark, muddy clothes which probably had not seen water for days. His bare feet were covered with dust and one could easily tell that he had not taken a shower for months. A four-foot tall, lean figure with sunken cheeks, he looked as if he was suffering from malnutrition. From his outer appearance he looked too weak to speak and yet, he was continuously uttering the same words,”Ratnapark, Ratnapark…..”

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Time for Free International Telephone Calls!!

अक्टोबर 10, 2006 by

I ain’t sure if this works as I have not tried yet but this site seems to offer free international calls. I have doubts if it is actually free as it claims but it is worth a try. If it really allows you to make free calls, why bother buy expensive cards?

This is what the site claims:
Simply call one of the domestic USA phone numbers from your home, office or mobile phone to be connected to our gateway. Once it answers, dial in the number you want to reach.

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Nuclear North-East Asia: What Next?

अक्टोबर 9, 2006 by

We just read and saw the news on TV about nuclear North Korea. They did seem to have blasted a nuclear bomb, probably one at a smaller scale. So, what is up for us in the future? Is Japan going to remain a non-nuclear state or will it change its constitution? How about South Korea? How about Iran in the middle east?

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The Great Divide: Dead Vs. Alive

अगस्ट 27, 2006 by

You can see the vulture waiting for the child to die so that it can take a bite for its own survival.

(pic courtesy: Here)

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