Is Brain Drain a Problem for Nepal?

The history of students going abroad to further their education has been quite long by now in Nepal. Nowadays, every middle class family dreams to send the children abroad for further education. The recent flux of students to USA is an evidence to this fact. Besides, many students go to India,China,Bangladesh, Singapore, Russia, Australia, Canada, Germany, U.K. and many other countries around the globe. However, the problem is not about students going abroad. Rather, the crux of the problem is that most of the students who go abroad tend to stay in foreign countries and work there. Many people complain that Nepal does not have appropriate opportunities to utilize the skills learnt abroad.So, the skills they gain in foreign countries are used in those countries and not in Nepal.
So, is Nepal gaining anything out of this? Yes, we are getting more and more foreign currency through remittances. However, is this enough? Are we heading towards a situation where there will be scarcity of intellectual minds within the country? This is a matter of debate.
I believe people should have the rights to decide their future. The responsibility towards home country should be left purely on the conscience of the individual. One should not be forced to work for home country.
What do you people think about this?

24 Responses to “Is Brain Drain a Problem for Nepal?”

  1. Kishor Says:

    I am not worried at all. Even if half of the people return to Nepal, that would be a great thing.

  2. Bhudai Pundit Says:

    You cannot even begin to address this issues until there is some political stability and some prospects for economic prosperity.
    Otherwise there is absolutely no way to prevent a brain drain. We have been caught up in fighting against the autocrat monarchy and maoists that no one has really even considered the implications of the brain drain!
    Frist thing is first – lets get some peace and stability

  3. Anonymous Says:

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  4. Anonymous Says:

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  5. Freedom Lovers Says:

    Dear anonymous,
    Absence of moderation is no way meant to encourage people to act insane and irrational. This forum is meant for sensible readers and we cannot accept comments which have abusive language.

    You are free to comment without moderation, however, should you write such abusive words, you are likely to be moderated later on.


  6. Freedom Lovers Says:

    I agree with pundit that this issue comes after stability in the nation.
    However,we can still discuss about it. I feel like we should not stop people from going abroad or staying away from our country. Just because they were born in Nepal does not mean they should stay and work in Nepal. They should have complete freedom as to what, where and when they want to do something. What have we given to that person to demand his service?
    If a person feels he wants to work for Nepal directly, he should be free to do so. However, if someone does not want, we should not force him.
    In addition, I think we are getting benefit of high foreign currency through remittances…has not this been a lifeline for thousands of Nepalese?

  7. sanobhai Says:

    In general, I don’t think it is a problem yet.

    One concern I have is people who are educated in subsidized education going abroad and not coming back for a long time. For example, medical and engineering graduates from government schools in scholarship going to the US and staying there. It is great for them – but the country didn’t get a good return on that investment. If people spent their own money (unsubsidized education) then you could not make that argument.

  8. confederate keti Says:

    I just attended a party and met a couple who have “stayed on”. her husband came to the usa to complete a masters degree and then chose not to return and got a job working for an NGO here dealing with, of all things, conflicts in eastern europe and the balkan states! i was shocked! this is an educated man whose country is falling apart, and clearly he could contribute. but he so wanted to stay in the usa, he chose to work for this organization (project harmony) rather than return to his country. I have also met so many on tourist visas who did not return. one couple came on a tourist visa 10 years ago, overstayed, then finally after years of paying lawyers, got permanent residence, and immediately bruoght their 3 children, all under the age of 21 (just barely, the legal age in the usa) and now all of them are going to university on scholarships. And these are not poor people in nepal! i am angry with them for that. They abused our system, and they were smart people who could have contributed a lot to Nepal. most of the Nepalease in the largest town near my home (a small university town) are ones who came on student visas and never left, educated, professionals. The elite of Nepal, with the highest educations. Why do they not return and help their country?

  9. confederate keti Says:

    oh, and freedom lover, no one is forcing anyone to work for their home country. you do have free will. as we americans do. but how can people like you (yes, i assume you, too) see what is going on in your country and not feel some moral issue about returning home and helping your people? Is it so important to drive the newest Lexus and buy a big house? Yes, we are wealthy in the USA, but there are far more important issues than wealth. I heard Dr. Baidya of the B and B hospital speak a couple of years ago. He said when he travels to the USA, he literally BEGS NEPALI DOCTORS TO RETURN HOME. HE said they are so needed in Nepal, and he tries to tell them they can have a good lief there, too. He even shows photos of his big house with swimming pool outside of kathmandu! but he says it is to no avail. They want to stay where they are paid $200,000 a year and can have their big lush homes and fancy cars. That makes me very very sad. Then it is Americans like me who come and take their places, working for our international organizations (mine will go unnamed).

  10. sanobhai Says:


    When personal gains motivate people the most, how can we provide incentives to people to go back? “Nation building” and “Serve your country” have not worked as incentives, as you rightly point out.

  11. Freedom Lovers Says:

    The issues are not trivial. If you talk about students, the skills they gain out here have little to no use in Nepal in the present state. I agree someone has to take the initiative to bring forth all the technological advances in Nepal to accomodate the growing needs. So, I feel like we should focus on investment in Nepal rather than direct physical presence.
    Besides, I am a strong advocate of personal liberty.As it implies, I want the world to be without borders and hence perfect factor mobility. This is the world I want.

    About individuals not feeling a sense of responsibility towards home country, I feel you should not criticize them. Most US citizens are descendants of some other country. Why do they not care about those countries? It is about your own conscience.

    And, about your help to countries like Nepal, thank you. You are generous. However, do not forget to look at things lurking in the backyard. Your wealth comes at the cost of the sweat and tears of millions of immigrants.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Behind the massive FDI investement in India and China which is leading current economic growth is the community of Indian and Chinese abroad.

    This is the epoque of trade in services and globalisation. Nepal needs to play with the rule of the game.

    Brain drain is not such a problem as investment drain. Money goes from poor countries to rich countries despite all the rhetorics.


  13. Biswa Says:

    Whenever i see the term “brain drain” i remember that being discussed in India couple of decades ago.

    Maybe it is not completely appropriate to compare Nepal with India (because of its sice/population). But still..

    What is happeing to india now is that those “NRI” has become(?) India’s brand ambassodors. Why can’t we assume same may not happen with NRN in say over a decade.

    I guess instead of telling people to come back (like MR. Vaidya) tell NRNs to work really hard and project Nepal in very good light in those foreign countries. If they do want to come back and contribute in Nepal all the better.

    Just my very humble few words. All others may know better than me. tahanks for reading

  14. Freedom Lovers Says:

    I agree with you biswa.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Where is my post Hari Sharma ?
    Dude, what sort of democracy are you preaching when you delete the posts which may not be in line with your interest?

    Are you a hypocrite? Let all the readers read what I have to say to them. This is your site does not mean you can do whatever you want. Once you go public, you should let the people speak.

  16. Freedom Lovers Says:

    Please write in a decent language if you want me to leave your comments for others to see. You can write all your feelings related to the topic but just my request: write in a decent language.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Everybody has a brain. Whats the problem? try to make the brain good of people still living there (Like corrupted beaurocrats, leaders, businessman etc). Draining out for better option is a natural flow and person’s natural right. Dont worry they will get back if they did not get what they want and if the government in Nepal made something suitable mileu for them. Otherwise there are so many countries extending their hands to welcome these experts to their countries for forever. That is why, I would say, brain drain is not a problem, its a natural system. But the problem is the circumstances those compelled brainy people to leave their country. Definately these circumstances are the government, policy, we who are talking in this bulshit matter etc.

  18. Jenisha pulami love kushal adhikari Says:

    Why i love jenisha

  19. Rakshya karki Says:

    Yeah .. it’s a great huddle for us.. as there are as many as natural resources are not been utilizing in own’s country…Although, so-called youth are diverting towards foreign world..
    Here Government should be very much consious about it…

  20. Pragya Says:

    It would be so great if even 50 % of neplease return and start up there own businnes with there skilled n fresh mind sl that employment opportunity will increase n we wont have to go abroad for job n better pay

  21. adhishree acharya Says:

    yes ,it’s right.. Nowdays it has become a trend. We all nepalese are trapped by this problem . even if we want to live in our own country ,we cannot because other people will surely inspire us to work for the benefit of other countries.we feel there’s no future in our country.But it is wrong.we have to implement the saying” mother land is far more precious than heaven in our day to day life in order to compete with this problem.If we will be able to do this then i am sure we ourselves will develop our nepal as the great nepal .we will also be able to represent ourselves as the real child of bir gorkhali

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