Are Maoists Terrorists?

No matter what, I term the maoists as terrorists. They have ruined the life of millions of Nepalese. Though the issues about caste discrimination, regional discrimination were relevant, the means they proposed were in no way acceptable. Yet, sometimes we have to compromise even with the terrorists, just because we don’t have feasible alternatives to peace.
We should keep in mind that maoist revolution has claimed more than 13000 lives in the decade-long domestic violence. They have abducted thousands and forced many to join their military. One of the major violation of human rights has been the inclusion of children in the war. From my personal experience, I have seen many children under the age of 18 or even 16 fighting under their banner.
Moreover, has anyone cared to think how they have coerced the poor villagers ? The poor folks are forced to give donations. I remember one high school teacher saying that the maoists take a portion of his salary every time he gets it. Most people who are here are unaware of the real situation in the country side. I remember one of my friends saying that he was forced to cook food for the maoist guerillas in the middle of the night. These things have not come out to the media as the media rarely look inside the life of suffering villagers. The atrocities of maoists cannot be justified at all. They have claimed power in the rural parts through the guns.
And, recently I saw the video of Prachanda and Baburam crying in a guerilla show where they display the injured maoist guerilla dying and yet talking about freeing Nepal. Wow…what a comedy…did they ever cry when those 13000 people died?
These freaks have taken over the minds of thousands of innocent people. Mostly illiterate people have been easily swayed by the cheap propoganda of maoists. And the result: The mess of Today……
Most of us are aware that it was the government who killed more people but the initiation was from these maoist freaks. Had they not started the destruction of public facilities,infrastructures, had they not started bombing police camps, who would have responded? So, if you think that maoists are good people just because they killed less people, you are insane.
However, the time has come for negotiation. War cannot bring peace. It is time for reconcialiation. Yes, we should let them go free for the sake of our benefit, for the long lasting peace in the country. Yet, we have to remember all those atrocities and make them realize that they were wrong. Power comes through the ballots, not the guns!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Are Maoists Terrorists?”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Well look up the definition of what a terrorist organization and you will see that the Maoists in their present form do sort of fit the mold.

    Ofcourse one man’s freedom fighter is anothers terrorist.

  2. sanobhai Says:

    Don’t overlook the rumor that they “forced” many people to march to the cities in support of the movement. If this rumor is true, what are they? Maybe they are no longer sure what they stand for.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    st writes,

    They resort to terrorising common unarmed civilians, they close down schools, they abduct children, they extort money.

    Some say that a political cause cannot be termed as terrorist, I think Bin Laden is political as well. He politicsed religion and has many followers and sympathisers. Unfortunately maoists do not, Bin Laden does’nt need to coerce people at the point of a gun to recruit his jihadists, they volunteer.

    Who’s the terrorist?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you guys. Maoists are kind of terrorists but for our long term benefit, we should compromise with them as they are the kind of people who can be molded and brought back to the mainstream. They are not a group of people like “al-queda”

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