Visit Nepal III: The Land of Yeti and Everest!


Welcome to the land of Everest!!!

This is a picture blog with picture credits to various sites. The initial picture credit goes to

Yeti:Abominable Snowman as imagined by people and its foot as deciphered from the footprints. Picture credit to

How clean could that water possibly be? No human infiltration is what makes nature so beautiful and sweet. Gokyo late near Everest region. Picture credits to:

I hope this gave you some insight on the land of Everest and Yeti. I will try to get some more pictures later on. Till then, think about a plan to explore this land lost in the nature.


4 Responses to “Visit Nepal III: The Land of Yeti and Everest!”

  1. britgirl Says:

    This is a beautiful picture. Did you take it?

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    The picture credits are mentioned just below the pictures. I did not take the picture 😦
    I wish I was that good of a photographer.

  3. aisis Says:


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