Does Gyanendra Deserve some Space?


The Dog is Loyal to His Master Even at the Gun-point!!!

Dreams shattered, hopes marred and eyes blindfolded!!! This old, sick, shameless guy is again crushing our dreams.

Lately there have been a lot of debates about the controversial speech given by the prime-minister G.P. Koirala of Nepal. Reportedly he advocated for some space for the long-hated monarch of Nepal, Gyanendra. However, this has sparked a sharp reaction from the public atmosphere. The general public just want to kick the whole monarchial system from the country.Should Gyanendra be given some space to move around is quite another question among the Nepalese.

Here is something from my personal diary!!!

I can never forget the little puppy back home which is loyal to me no matter how hard I beat him with a stick. He frowns, and barks at me but at the end he always locates himself under my knees. Why wouldn’t I be happy that I got such a loyal dog? Actually, he is more than a dog to me. He has saved my life many a times from those scary godzillas. He has fought for me no matter how painful the cut from my beating was for him. He bleeded and still wouldn’t move an inch from my vicinity.

Sorry for not giving you people the name of my dog. He is none other than GPK. He is pretty old. He has been serving me for years. He was there to serve my grandfather. He served my father and he enlightened my brother. Now, he is at my service. Who would get such a loyal dog? He fights for me even though there are hundreds of enemies hovering around. He just wouldn’t care as long as he can have that gesture of domination from me.

How can he ditch me anyway? My family took care of his elder brothers as well. They were sick and deprived. There was none to help them. My family stood out to help them. We fed them all the years until they died. So, basically GPK is just rendering his service to fulfil his duties that were long overdue for the help his family received long time back.

My puppy is sweet. The only thing I hate about him is that he smells these days. He has grown old. I need to change his clothes too often than not. I only wish I had a stronger puppy with the will and determination as GPK to serve me. I fear the winds are blowing and soon a tiger will attack my little puppy. He would have fought fiercely for me years ago, but now he is too old to fight that hard.

Things are on the negative end for me. I have been running low on fuels these days. May god help me! May “Pashu” pati bless me!!!!

Does Gyanendra need some space is not a question for the moment. It is the people who are going to decide who goes where. Gyanendra could be treated just like every other citizen or could be there as a king but only “PEOPLE” will decide it. GPK has no right to decide or speak in our favor and he never represents the Nepalese people.

A couple of questions:

Did Gyanendra give people some space when he was in power?

Agreed, in democracy everyone should get chance. But who is Girija to speak in our favor?

If all the people have been saying that they want to get rid of the king, who is Girija to advocate for some space as a “PM” of the nation? He has to quit his job and advocate for it if he wants it. Else, he has no mandate from the people to speak like that as a PM of the nation.

If Gyanendra thinks he needs some space, why not let him speak? In democracy, you are free to speak your mind as long as you have the mandate to speak what you want.( By this I mean you can speak for yourself, not for others if you don’t have permission from them)

If in democracy everyone needs some space, why not equal share of land as well? Everyone needs some land, right? Why is Gyanendra having 30,000 ropanis of land? (this is some stupid argument but it is ok for fools like Girija)

He was a loyal royalist and will continue to be so. He is just like my little dog. In fact, he is a dog!!!

(pic courtesy: monsterandcritics)


One Response to “Does Gyanendra Deserve some Space?”

  1. Birat Krishna Thapa Says:

    Well , I can certainly understand the sentiments of the writer of this article. I would like to say a few things which regards to the article. Firstly to compare PM Girija to a dog is a big misfortune for the writers part, becasue I don’t think he knows about the strong character and moral strength of our Prime Minister.

    By making a comment to give space to the King , he was only fulfilling an obligatory function. In the current scenario, there are a lot of Kings. We can take good examples from out neighbour Bhutan, England, Thailand, or even Egypt and a few gulf countries. These countries are famous bacause of the presence of a monarch. Therefore to that context the Prime Minister was only giving a suggestion, there is nothing to go hyper about it.

    Personally I am not in favor of Royalists and not even the aristocrat Ranas. But I was deeply annoyed by the writers comparison of the Prime Minister to a dog. Mr Girija Prasad Koirala has been the hero of democratic Nepal, and he has also made the maoists come into democratic terms.

    The Koirala Family have always been the leaders of Nepal in various aspects from the frist democratic struggle back in 1951. So instead of passing sarcastic comments which do not fit to the public image of the person, one should appreciate his innovative ideas. I wish the Prime Minister luck as he is going to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for which he truly deserves.

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