Visit Nepal I :Pokhara-The city of Lakes




Pokhara, arguably the most beautiful city in Nepal, lies in the central part of the country. Scenic beauties make it one of the most frequented area for the tourists. Numerous Lakes, nearby green forests, an amazing underground river and breathtaking views of the himalayas make Pokhara a true dreamland for many people.

So, what can you expect in Pokhara?

Strikingly beautiful lakes which offer traditional boat rides: Fewa, Begnas, Rupa are some of the bigger lakes where you can’t resist yourself from diving into the clear blue water. Fewa, by far the most popular destination, is frequented by many religious people as it has Varahi temple in an small island in the middle of the lake.

Trekking and wonderful views of mountains as well as sun-rise. Sarangkot is a small village which is a couple of minutes drive from the heart of Pokhara which offers the amazing sun-rise view. Moreover, the view of amazing snow-capped mountains make Pokhara visit a lifelong experience. You just want to kiss those snow-capped mountains. Machhapuchre, a mountain with two tails, is about 7000 metres above the sea level and yet, it just seems like it is within a meter above your head. There are other numerous peaks within your sight including Annapurna I which is above 8000 metres above sea level.

Anyone who has been to Pokhara cannot miss the exploration of Mahendra cave. Davies fall offers another exciting view to the people. Moreover, Seti river which flows more than 50 metres under the surface level is an equally amazing sight to see.

And what more do you want?

People are always helpful and welcoming and you can have a life in comfort with cheap and yet highly comfortable hotels with modern amenities. So, what are you waiting for? Explore this dreamland of thousands of people.

(PS:If you have any questions about Pokhara, do write a comment down here and we will answer you.)


One Response to “Visit Nepal I :Pokhara-The city of Lakes”

  1. Bhupen Says:

    Nice work. We all should promote Nepal’s tourism more than ever before.

    Let’s work all together and bring people to Nepal.

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