Trying to Be Virgin Again


The world is not homogeneous. Some societies do not accept sex before marriage including ours. However, we restrain ourselves from severe tests to prove the virginity of a woman. But, Islamic societies still adhere to no-sex before marriage rule. This gives rise to a question-how do you become virgin again once you have pre-marriage sex? Many females have been indirectly forced to maintain their virginity in Islamic societies. Hence, most of the women who have sex before marriage either get fake certificates from doctors or repair hymens among others to prove their virginity.

MSNBC writes(June 26,06

Hymen repair, fake virginity certificates and other deceptions, said to be commonplace in some Muslim countries, are practiced in France and elsewhere in Europe, where Muslim girls are more emancipated but still live under rigid codes of family honor.

Such ploys have saved many a young woman from scorn and worse. But they also clash with the more liberal social mores of France and Europe, where some decry it as an attack on human rights.

This leaves us with some questions. Is it that important that women remain virgin till marriage? How important is sex in the determination of a character of a person? How about men? Should the society treat sex in a more liberal way?

I am not sure of the answers but I feel that sex should not make a huge issue in the society. It is the basic need of a person and it is natural to assume that adults want to have sex in their life whether it is before marriage or after marriage. After all it also involves emotions. It is not a mere physical act.

Moreover, now that people can repair hymens, what is the point of focusing on virginity? We have to be pragmatic. Having sex is not like murdering a person. It is something that involves physical as well as emotional attachment with another person. And, we have to respect it.

What do you people think about this?


2 Responses to “Trying to Be Virgin Again”

  1. VincentBodega Says:

    Society works on standards that are usually high. Virginity is based on such standards. We can question and protest against such standards, but what should also be considered during such revolt is that if we let go of one standard that a society is based upon, we should be ready to let go of all the standards. Are we ready to live a life that is only based on practicality? Thats the question, I usually refrain from answering.

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    It is a matter of personal choice and the society should respect it. If I were to state the rules, everyone would have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their body without the fear of public humiliation.

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