Where is Gyanendra Hiding?


It has not been long since Gyanendra lost his power to the people but he seems to be completely out of this world. Nobody cares to talk about him let alone give respect to the so-called incarnation of God.How is he spending his days these days? Is it better than the confinement of Saddham? Of course, unlike Saddham, he is free from court interrogation as of now. So, what is Gyanendra doing these days?

None of us are aware of anything significant done by Gyanendra these days. Most of his time is spent within the palace. Has he come out of the palace besides a visit to one of the temples after handing over the power to people? At least I know nothing about it. One of the Indian papers seems to make fun of him. DNA world (June 22,06, http://www.dnaindia.com) writes:

The king, virtually confined to the palace since April, when mass protests forced him to surrender the absolute power he had seized, is being treated for melancholia and depression, the Nepali weekly Ghatana R Bichar reported.

It further writes:

Sometimes, he is heard muttering to himself: “What did I do wrong? I was only trying to do people good.”…Despite a severe loss of face and making himself immensely unpopular after his authoritarian reign, the king is yet to accept responsibility for the debacle. He still tends to blame others. His blood pressure is not normal and he is said to have cut down on his drinking. The malady comes on the eve of his 59th birthday on July 7.

But, how exactly is Gyanendra spending his days?Hey! how can one person spend his life within the boundaries of Narayanhity? But is he seriously under depression? Is he heading himself towards a mental retardation? Things are less obvious. And now the workers in the palace are also being laid off from their work. More solitary life for Gyanendra?

What do you people think about this? How is he spending his time these days? 


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