Mob Rule Still Prevails: Can This Government Handle Violent Masses?


Democracy seems to have taken its ground but with it has come the anarchy in the country. Rule of law has not been respected in the country and most issues are being settled through violence in Nepal. The beating of Bharat Keshar Singh is just another example. According to Kantipur Online, hundreds of people flocked around Lainchaur and beat Bharat Keshar and torched his vehicle on fire reportedly for his mishandling of a motorcycle owner.

Kantipur online(, June 21) writes:

Locals at Lainchaur on Tuesday evening beat up president of World Hindu Federation Bharat Keshar Singh and his two sons-Ajaya Keshar and Ananta Keshar. The enraged locals also torched their Toyota Corolla car, registration number Ba 1 Cha 6689.

It says that the scuffle began when Bharat Keshar's car hit a motorcycle parked in front of the Malla Hotel in Lainchaur. Though the media has potrayed it in a one-sided way, I guess both the parties must have had some part to play in the accident. Reportedly Keshar started to scold the  motorcycle owner on the issue of the accident. Yet, only the two parties involved know the truth.

The attack on Keshar was a sign of growing mob rule prevailing in Nepal. It is reported that the students of ASCOL were involved in the attack against Bharat Keshar. They even torched his vehicle on fire. 

I do not approve of violent means of getting to the justice. We have to rely ourselves on the rule of law if we are to live in a civilized world. Otherwise, we will be no different to Iraq where one might kill others at any time. The government has a daunting task of not going against the people and yet trying to run the country based on the rule of law. Will it be successful?

There have been doubts cast over the success of the government in maintaining law and order in the country specially in the new scenario where people have been encouraged by the success of their(relatively) violent protests in bringing down the King. This is a time when people feel that they can do anything and everything. We need to restrain ourselves from going against the law.

If Keshar Singh did wrong, we should bring him to justice through the courts. Why are the courts created anyway? I have this growing fear that we might end up inviting anarchy in the country.

There should not be violent means against those who do not subscribe to what we believe. In democracy, everyone gets the opportunity to hear and to get heard. And, basically that is the true democracy we want. We want to co-exist together with all the fellow Nepalese. Guilty should be punished but through the law.
What do you people think?


4 Responses to “Mob Rule Still Prevails: Can This Government Handle Violent Masses?”

  1. saujanya Says:

    I dont know who you think you are, but this is the true Nepali way. If somone beats Bharat Keshar SIngh and his sons then what’s wrong with that? No one has taken any actions against these socitial devils, and if a group of true Nepali gets a chance to swing their fist at them then why not? Personally, I think that these people (all the Gyanendra’s men, and his supporters) should be thrown out from the country. They should be humiliated, beaten and then thrown out. Well, its not my world so I can not make it happen and I suggest you not to “approve” or “disapprove” anything. I am not Gandhi. Even though I admire Gandhi, I woould still like to take that swing at these people. I wish I was one of the people at that croud. I seriously would love to show my fraustration at their face.

    And by the way, what do you think would have happened if Bharat Keshar was brought to court? Nothing! What happened to two ministers that were jailed? Nothing! Have they done anything to kick Gynendra out? No! Has anyone done any investigation on how much “King’s Men” made? No!, Has anyone done any researches on these currupt people? NO!

    So why in the world would you think we should have left that Bharat Keshar Judgement to the Court? You are trying to be Ideal. There is no such thing called Ideal world. If there was one, then the world would have adopted socilistic movement. This does not happen because of human behavior and grou dynamics. Wake Up! You are not in a Ideal world. You are in a real world.

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    It is one thing to express your anger and quite another to justify irrational actions. Whoever it is, rule of law should prevail. If someone is guilty of charge, we have to punish them within the legal framework. If we fail to do this, we have failed to maintain law and order in the country.
    What is the point of having a court then? If our courts fail to punish the guilty, we need to work on that. Eye for an eye is no way the right way to lead the society.
    I am not being ideal, I am being pragmatic in a rational way. People always come into emotions but society has to be run along the legal lines, not the emotional breakouts.
    Look everywhere in the civilized world. Where do things like this happen and that too in the heart of the capital? Society does not and cannot run if such mob rules prevail. We have to hold ourselves off the instantaneous emotions and make rational decisions.

  3. Candace Says:

    I must agree with dreamnepal. In order for society to progress, one must be prepared to leave behind violence. If violence is acceptable once, then it is acceptable other times.

  4. Sean Says:

    Bravo to Candace and Dreamnepal. You guys have done your homework but how long have you been in Nepal? Are you guys Nepalese? One thing for sure if the incident had gone to the court Bharat Keshar and his sons and the chic would have paid the Sherpa guy some money that they have accumulated through some illegal means and walked out of the court with their freaking head held high. I have an American daughter who is 4 and a half years old and I am scared to take her to Nepal even for a month because of security. I have heard about Paras (the x-prince) manhandling some other guys’ wife and no action was taken against him. You guys are right about the mob being involved but it seems like that’s the only way that has worked in Nepal to get the rich culprits back to earth and let them know that law is equal to the richest and the poorest of the people.

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