Migraine leads to Higher Sexual Drives


This is fascinating, isn't it? Unlike the general assumption that migraines hinder sexual drives, a study has found that people suffering from migraines in fact have higher sexual drives. Migraines don't seem to interfere in the sexual life of the patients and it has come as a great news to millions of people whose sex partners are suffering from migraine.

MSNBC(quoting Reuters) writes:

On the nine-point scale the subjects specifically rated their own sexual desire compared with that of others of the same age and sex. The migraine patients reported the highest level (5.0), which is "above the expected median (4.0) on this item," Houle and his colleagues note.

 So, how are you feeling? Is your partner suffering from migraines? If you believe this research, you have no worries now. So, what are other inter-connections between sex and migraine?

MSNBC again writes:

Although it is commonly believed that sex drive is reduced by headaches, and sexual intercourse can cause specific types of headaches, Houle and his associates note, other research has suggested that sexual intercourse may alleviate the pain of migraine in some patients.

Hmm..I can't believe this. Migraine is associated with extreme headache and if sex can alleviate it, what on earth are we waiting for? While it is difficult to trust research works because individuals can have their own specific responses, the finding is encouraging. 

(source: MSNBC news, c.Reuters, June 15, 2006, http://msnbc.msn.com/id/13347180/ )


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