Finally Prachanda is Out: Peace on the Way!


Finally the time has come for us to get together. The man, whose campaign for the so-called poor masses, has made himself public to the Nepali community. Moreover, they agreed on the basic framework for the way ahead. And, it seems that maoists have won their way. House of representatives will be desolved soon and maoists will be included in the government. Who will be the ones to join the government from maoists side?

None of us are certain as to who will join from their side but it is a great news that things are moving fast these days. Within one day, several things have been agreed upon. Himalayan Times(June 16, writes:

The Government and the Maoists today agreed on an eight-point agenda which has, among others, agreed to frame an interim statute, an interim government, declare the date for an election to a constituent assembly and dissolve the revived House of Representatives and the Maoists’ People’s Governments based on mutual understanding.

However, will they keep to their promise? How does the history tell us? It is reasonable for us to assume that history will not work this time given the approach maoists have taken this time. They have come out to the public unlike past endeavors. They have compromised a lot and we should take this advantage to get the most out of the situation.

Yet, I think there is a bad set up created in the country. Armed revolution can and may well be used to change the society in the future. Maoists were not strong at the beginning, but they proved too costly to ignore later on. And now there they are, commanding as to who dictates what goes on in Nepal. Is this really a bad precedent?

We never know. There have been various armed struggles around the world with little success. Some have disintregated later on while some continue to promote violence for tribal benefits. Did maoists do right for Nepal? They are largely responsible for the changes we have now. They have to be credited for the limit on king's power and CA elections to form a new constitution. But, does this all justify the death of 13000+lives? Only time will tell us…


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