Males-Be Aware:Your Sperm Isn’t There for Lifetime!


Men have always looked down upon women for the decline in reproductive capacity as they become old. However, a new study has found that the problem about reproduction exists for men too. It has been found that the sperm gets worse with age. With the increase in age, the sperm quality will decline and the children born thereafter will have various problems.

MSNBC writes:

New research has found that as men age, the quality of their sperm deteriorates, making it more likely they will have trouble becoming fathers and increasing the possibility of having a child with dwarfism.The study, led by Andrew Wyrobek of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Brenda Eskenazi of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, appears in this week’s online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

 Men were always used to criticizing women. It is interesting to see how the men will react to this new finding. This finding has another significance too. The growing trend is that people get children at a latter age. However, this new evidence is likely to confuse millions of couples on when to bear the children. Many people are stuck up with their career in their early life. However, if they postpone reproduction activities, they might end up with kids who have certain problems by birth.

Generally, the male fertility starts to decline after the age of 40. However, people continue to produce kids even after that. So, I think now is the time to change our habits again. It is the time to break the new traditions to take advantage of the new found knowledge. What do you guys think about this?

 (source: MSNBC news, June 6,2006,


2 Responses to “Males-Be Aware:Your Sperm Isn’t There for Lifetime!”

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