Now Maoists Impose Curfew-Expectations Marred!!!


Nepalese are living in a world where still two governments exist-one run formally by the SPA and another run by the underground(still they are underground, aren't they?) maoists. Despite the agreements made between the parties and the maoists, maoists have continued their atrocities and other forms of extortions. They have continued to rule parts of the country with their own "laws." The news about maoist-imposed curfew in the east Nepal is just another example.

The Himalayan Times writes:

Maoists have imposed a nighttime curfew in Phidim, the Panchthar district headquarters, from Saturday.Earlier, the government had been imposing curfew since 2001 to stop infiltration of Maoists.The Maoists say they have enforced a curfew following the "conspiracy of vigilantes" against them and the rise of alcoholism as the Maoists cadres moved to the town after the announcement of ceasefire.

Now is this an excuse for the imposition of curfew? By the way, what rights do they have to impose curfew in the first place? Who do they represent? If they can declare curfew and impose it, why can't another group do the same? May be there will be curfew tomorrow in Kathmandu imposed by the royals citing growing insecurity.

Maoists have shown that they cannot adjust to the environment of social life. They are trying to impose what they think is good. We are left stranded in the middle with armed people all around. 

Moreover, the media also seems to provide half-explained news. The Himalayan Times writes:

Meanwhile, the civil society has complained that the local administration has not shown much interest to control alcoholism, threatening to hoteliers and shopkeepers, attacks on the pro-democracy journalists, human rights activists and civilians and other violent activities.

Who is this "civil society?" Is it the group called civil society or is it a particular group from the society?  How do you elect people to this civil society? How can you say that this is the view of general people? In addition, who are you to impose your ideas on people? And, what are the threats of alcoholism? Is there a growing threat from the people drinking alcohol or from the maoists? And, what are those attacks on pro-democracy fighters? How many have been attacked so far in Phidim that there was a need for curfew?Why did not you explain these things in this news piece? I feel like the greater threat to democracy and people are the maoists. They are armed and they are capable of hurting the masses with their guns.

It has become a trademark for the media to write about threats to democracy fighters whether there actually is a threat or not. And maoists have taken advantage of this to impose their own rules. All bunch of hypocrites. They talk about fight for democracy and they are the one to impose rules of their own. Why couldn't they request the local authority to impose restrictions if there was a need? Can we ever trust these maoists? Wow, what a great country we belong to.

Everyone rules everyone in Nepal. Do you want to be a ruler too?

(based on Maoists impose curfew in Phidim, THT, June 5,


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