Prachanda Meets his Father for the First Time in 7 Years


The rebel leader has finally abandoned his underground life to get a normal life back again. The glimpse of his father has added further happiness in his quest for better Nepal. Prachanda met his father, Mukti Ram Dahal, for the first time in 7 years. He had last met his father back in 1999.

It is all natural that a father would want to see his son all the time. However, Mukti Ram was devoid of this opportunity by his eldest son Prachanda who spent most of his life underground since he launched an armed war against the supposedly feudal elements in Nepal. Kantipur (June 1,06,

Prachanda, who arrived in Handikhola, Makwanpur Monday to participate in a function, sent his son Prakash to fetch his father. Mukti Ram rushed to Handikhola and heard for the first time his son address a gathering. The father and son spent the night under one roof. The next morning, Prachanda was gone.

Definitely Mukti Ram felt real good when he saw his son after such a long time. However, he was impressed with the way his son spoke even though he did not understand most of the things his son spoke. Kantipur further writes:

"My son gives speeches in a loud voice," Mukti Ram, 79, said after returning to his house in Bharatpur. "I couldn't understand many things he said. But I was glad to see those who understood applaud."

Who would not be proud of his son if he is able to give a new direction to the country? No doubt, SPA alliance had a big role in slashing down king's powers. Yet, the ultimate credit goes to the rebels whose persistent fighting proved too costly to have a king with legislative powers. Furthermore, the changes that took place after the king submitted to the demands of the people are significant in the history of Nepal. Now, Prachanda's father is hopeful of a new peaceful Nepal-possibily guided by his son?

But is Mukti Ram really proud of his son? Or should he be proud of his son? Are we to look at the things behind the curtain? What about the 13000 plus lives sacrificed to gain what we have today? Things aren't as simple as they appear. Despite the new historic changes, we cannot justify the loss of so many lives. How about the dreams of those people who died? Did anyone near and dear to Prachanda die in these years since the rebels started armed fighting? Probably not. That is why Prachanda does not feel the pain suffered by the families of the deceased.

It is time that we also reflected on the past. Was Prachanda right in waging an armed war against the state? We have to be responsible to the families of the deceased. Prachanda-you have to explain to them.


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