Historic Gathering of the Maoists-Who will Prevail?


It has gathered the attention it could possibly have. People are anxious, and hungry to see Prachanda's face in the heart of the capital tomorrow, Friday, 2nd of June. So, what is happening in tomorrow's meeting? Who is going to address the crowd?The moment of truth has arrived.

Himalayan Times (June 1, himalayantimes.com)reports:

The mass meeting of the CPN-Maoist scheduled for tomorrow will not see Maoist supremo Prachanda and another top leader Babu Ram Bhattarai addressing the gathering in Kathmandu.Speaking at the Reporters’ Club here, Agni Sapkota, central leader of the CPN-Maoist, said that the members of the talks team and other senior Maoist leaders will address the gathering.

Too bad isn't it? After all the hype in the media, we are stuck up with the same old faces which have been talking to the media a lot lately. So, is this gathering a platform for the maoists to lay down their democratic principles to the people? Or is it just another address aimed to stimulate the vibrant people against the king? If given a push, the people seem to go even against the political parties. People are more concerned with proper functioning of the government as well as new sweeping changes to lock Gyanendra to his den. Can maoists take advantage of this situation?

Agni Sapkota says that they have made their 10-point work plan towards peace. Most probably they are going to disclose their plans for peace. Himalayan Times further writes:

The existing HoR does not represent the aspirations of all sectors and will not be effective in raising the issues related to Dalits, professionals and media to name a few, he said adding that an interim government should be formed without any delay. He spoke against the revival of local bodies.

So, is this a propaganda too? They are looking for sympathy from the dalits? Hmm…sounds like they are pretty much sucked up with themselves. The issues about dalits can be discussed anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, why not revive the local bodies? People have been facing a lot of problems getting their administrative work done as there are no local bodies. And, this is the area where the SPA and Maoists disagree.

Despite the maoists demand that local bodies not be reinstated, SPA seems adamant to reinstate the local bodies. Maoists seem helpless in this regard. However, we should not undermine the maoists. The costs could be too high to let this peace process go off the control. We may never see peace again if we fail this time. Hence, SPA should be aware of these issues.

Who do you think will prevail? Maoists or SPA, doesn't matter but we need peace. Peace should prevail in Nepal.


3 Responses to “Historic Gathering of the Maoists-Who will Prevail?”

  1. lizard Says:

    dreamnepal ,… don’t u feel ur labour is being unproductive with very few n rare comments plus discussions! i agree , u have more good stuff and intelligence than d wagle to post on the site , but i do not know when will u be paid off ! but anways , keep on rolling !
    if other ppl also visit this site , hey why not encourage this guy !

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    Hey Lizard,
    I ain’t a journalist and I can’t spend a lot of time on this site. So, I ain’t looking for much from this site. It has become my daily routine to post something in the site now though. So, as long as there are visitors like you coming to the site and reading some of the news and articles I think are important and relevant, I am fine with it.

    Thanks for visiting…and of course, if you have articles of interest, you are always welcome to contribute.

  3. sanobhai Says:

    I also suggest not posting more than one topic per day. That helps control the information overload as well as burden on your time.

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