For Heaven’s Sake, Can We Think Before We Act?


We have been reading the recent news about the shut-down of all health services across the country except emergency services. We also have read the news about the low participation of lawmakers in the lower house. And to add to this all, the government is chilling out in the warm summer breeze. What a destiny we fought sacrificing more than 20 lives in so-called peaceful protests. What more do we want?

This is Nepal. Anything and everything happens here without any rational thinking. People go insane over one and all issues. The people are never patient. They act on their instincts rather than informed decisions. And more, there are some religious fundamentalists who are trying to incite yet another wave of violence across the country. Where are we heading?

It is the right of every individual to protest against anything that goes wrong. However, nobody has the right to incite violence to further self-interests. We have been used and abused from time and again. We, the Nepalese, have the added disadvantage of being illiterate and ignorant and thereby we have lost our conscience. We fail to think and reason. We move by the crowd. Are we different from the howling jackals?

To add to the woes, newly reinstated lawmakers are having a fun time probably in some cocktail parties. There were less than 20 members of the house in one of the house meetings. For Heaven's sake, this is less than 1/10th of the total house members. Kantipur(May 26,2006, Govt. to take…) writes:

As attendance declined sharply in the House, several members drew the attention of the government and Speaker to empty seats inside the House…."If this situation continues, I will quit politics," Gopal Koirala said, pointing at less than 20 members attending the meeting.

More than 20 people died so that these insane people could get to the house and devise plans for the country. And now we have been paid off pretty decently. Thanks to our ever-corrupted and work-shy lawmakers. We should be grateful that we have such dedicated lawmakers in the country.

Day by day the country is being ruled by the mobs. I just read the news about a police van being set on fire by some insane people. Then, there was the news about Everest Nursing Home. How can we forget the irrational people who attacked the doctor in the southern Nepal? Indifferent Parliamentarians, laxed government and unruly,insane mobs are creating a chaotic Nepal. We are destined for all this. We need to think more.

I am not denying that there are problems with the health service providers too. We need to, however, investigate such malpractices and punish according to the law. These lawmakers are not paid to stay out of office. They have to go to the scheduled house meetings and bring new ideas to help in rebuilding the nation. For heaven's sake…can we think before we shatter the windows, set vehicles on fire, and or shirk from work?


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